Friday, October 26, 2007

$1 Wynn Casino Chip From Las Vegas

I think I already talked about this one before, but it looks like someone else is selling casino chips for more than their face value. I'm not sure as to why this is actually lucrative to the point that casino chips have their own dedicated category within eBay. Direct from the Wynn Las Vegas Casino, we have a $1 chip.

Surprisingly, this one already has two bids on it (as of this current writing), with the high bid of 99 cents. I've always questioned buying certain types of memorabilia on eBay, considering that it's usually to commemorate a place that you've actually been to. And, tacking shipping onto this, would not likely be very cost effective for a gambler (considering how often you get free money from a casino, this is a pretty ass-backwards approach).

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