Saturday, October 20, 2007


The company that's selling this particular item calls themselves "Auction Drop." Never has a more apt description of an eBay auction been put in the item's title. As in, it might have been what happened to the item in question.

While they are completely up front and honest about the functionality of the product (ie: in the fact that IT DOESN'T), I don't really expect that people are going to go through the time and effort required to get this item. At $318.99, it might actually be worth it to go through the time and effort to actually go and retrieve the item in question, but considering the actual repair costs of projection televisions, and that the fact that 80% of the time, units are cheaper to replace than repair, it might not.

Unfortunately, no one has gotten around to making a diagnostic as to WHAT is wrong with the TV, only the vague, "The screen display for this television is impaired or unclear." This could mean anything from a $2000 repair job or a $20 part, but hey, you never know. But, you still gotta spend $318.99 to find out.

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