Friday, May 29, 2009

Free custom GE wireless security system home alarm new

If I was in charge of eBay, it's these kind of things I would eliminate...this is where it goes against the original spirit of selling on eBay and turns it into a shill to sell products outside of eBay. In this case, it's a wireless security system that is selling for one cent, but requiring a 3-year long contract to secure the services.

Since eBay takes a portion of the selling price of an item, the fact that they are using eBay's web space and bandwidth to promote their services seems kinda...I dunno, wrong. That, and the fact that this makes it more difficult to find items that people actually do need and want, instead, filling the searches with items that do not necessarily fill the eBay user's need...

Apple 512MB (2X256) DDR ram memory G4 Powermac eMac MAC

One of the hazards of purchasing computer components such as Mac memory through an eBay retailer is that it can be more of a hassle to rectify if things go wrong, as opposed to dealing with an actual online business. One retailer I'm looking at is selling 256 mb DDR ram for under $10, which I guess is fairly reasonable, until the seller tosses in this little disclaimer...

"The picture is an example of what you will receive, actual brand may vary."

For performance enthusiasts (not so much for Mac, but more for PC, especially gaming), this is not something that's necessarily welcome, but for a $10 component, you might not care. But considering that the stereotypical snobbery of owning a Mac is at times on par with that of a hard-core PC gamer, it's something to consider.


I went on eBay looking for a good deal on an elliptical trainer, and instead, we get to see a walk through tour of a small European town on DVD.

As North Americans tend to rank among the fattest in the world, anything that will keep people motivated to exercise would be a good thing. And, when people are working out, they tend to multitask, so they'd probably be better suited by having the news on TV instead. But just because I wouldn't use the product, doesn't necessarily mean it would not be decent for anyone else.

It's interesting that they choose to put the word "elliptical" in the auction name, and they categorize it under cardiovascular equipment to increase the number of hits they can get on the auction.

2Bot TCA Glycolic Chemical Cosmetic Peel Acne Treatment

Those seeking acne treatment should probably go to their doctor or a dermatologist. However, if you have $14.75 kicking around, you can try this...a chemical peel that is probably best left to the professionals. Chemical peels can be potentially dangerous, and if you're purchasing it from eBay, you won't necessarily have the benefit of professional expertise. And, if you're doing this from home, medical treatment will be a little bit further away than if you went to an actual clinic for this.


If you find yourself reading colon cleanser reviews on eBay, chances are that they might be full of crap, pun slightly intended. Myself, I'm all about maintaining a proper diet with fibre and plenty of fluids. But, punch in actual colon cleanse products into eBay, and you'll find them by the crap-load. Oddly enough, most of them aren't even specific to the colon, such as the one that I just linked to, as it seems to be more about liver cleansing rather than colon cleansing.

The auction does contain some very grandiose claims about what the product can do, however. Of all the things I see on eBay, I tend to see a lot of variety in herbal supplements which are available at the local drug store.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Putting all politics aside for this post, an eBay jewelry store is selling US Navy rings and calling them "military surplus." I suppose that this is no different than various t-shirts and what not with the word "NAVY" written across it, but doesn't this come across as trivializing to anyone who actually served in the military? This looks like something that is rewarded for service and sacrifice. What's next? Replicas of the US Medal of Honor?

Sunday, May 03, 2009


When looking up weight loss pills on eBay, this was the first entry that had more than zero bids on it.

This is an Asian product and as a consequence, is rife with "Engrish" (read: it's poorly translated). The auction states that it contains "evil powders of low gather the sugar malt." I was really prepared to make a joke about the obvious pun that can be made about the product's name ("pay, you go", suggesting a laxative effect), but I'm not sure what the purpose of "evil powders" is.

Mesothelioma Lawyers List .com Domain Name Money Maker

Got $10M lying around?

It seems that the days of ambulance chasing are far from over, as now Mesothelioma lawyers are getting in on the act. Or more appropriately, cybersquatters who want in on the action. So, for $10M, you can be the proud owner of the domain name for a list of lawyers who can represent you in mesothelioma legal action.

Thanks to short-sighted industrial operators and managers that thought that asbestos use was a really good idea, people are dying as a result of the cancer brought on by asbestos exposure. This stuff is banned for really good reason.

Conversely, some regard the less-toxic asbestos alternatives as being inferior, and could have prevented the collapse of the World Trade Center. But, being that asbestos only used in the bottom half of the tower, when it collapsed, it contaminated the air with asbestos. Ah, hindsight.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

110,023 results found for women's shoes

Until the day comes when you can have your exact measurements transmitted to an online clothing retailer and that way you can absolutely certain that if you're buying anything from women's shoes to hats, you'll get a perfect fit every time.

When you're looking at over 100,000 results on eBay, it makes things more complicated, especially when you consider that one company's version of a size 5 is different from another's. So, unless you've tied up some poor salesman's time by trying on a pair of shoes in a shoe store and jotting down the exact product number, getting a perfect fit isn't going to be easy.

Friday, May 01, 2009


I have to keep reminding myself that eBay is not necessarily just for individuals and small business owners, but for everyone. As it stands, I have a really hard time understanding why the average individual would need to own an item like cell towers. Like, 8 of them.

The average everyday individual won't find much use for these bad boys, as it appears to be something that would be best purchased by a cell phone service provider. Really, what is the wife going to say when you bring this home?