Monday, December 21, 2009


So, wanna know all that there is to know about ellipticals?

For $2.50, you can be the proud owner of a back issue of Consumer Reports from March 2002, talking about old products that have been discontinued in favour of newer, shinier, faster, more efficient, manufactured in China to keep manufacturing costs down.

Given that the bulk of the reviewed products will have long since been discontinued, I'm not sure what use such a publication would have, even more so since they're talking about 401(K)s and other things that kinda went piff when the banks all imploded.

But, for $2.50, if can be yours.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Farm House Sink

With this blog, I routinely see a lot of auctions for home improvement items like copper sinks. It's somewhat ironic that in their attempt to be rustic and the like by purchasing something that has a sort of antique chic as "farmhouse," yet something like this is actually quite pricey for most people.

Not for everyone, and not for someone who just likes the practical. I just want to have clean hands and clean dishes. Chances are that your house guests won't pay much heed to what your sinks look like myself, but if you're the type of person that is going to spend $1000 on your sink, I suppose your guests would.


Who would've thought that actual garage flooring was a viable product and it's something available on eBay?

Of course, if you're looking hard enough, you can find it. Given that I'm not yet a home owner, actually having a need for this product is a bit far and away (one of the life milestones that I'm a bit far away from achieving, sadly), but something like this is only for serious car enthusiasts and not for the average home owner.

My childhood memories were of a 1974 Dodge Dart that constantly leaked fluids, to the point that it was just a completely alien concept for the ground underneath any car to be clean at any given point. This product is not for people who have that memory.

24 results found for natural acne treatments

There are a lot of different results for natural acne treatments on eBay, all of which have varying levels of efficacy, some proven, some not.

While some of the treatments available may work, they don't work for everyone and the most sound advice one can get is to go to their family doctor or dermatologist for a recommendation. The old standbys of proper diet, exercise, rest, hydration, lowering stress, and proper hygiene will go a long way, but even for those that still get acne, a trip to the doctor is in order. Do that first before buying on the internet, people!

New mozy Remote Backup 30GB of secure online backup

Secure online backup is one of the options of data protection being utilized by companies these days. Off-site storage, especially encrypted, makes sense when you consider that a lack of a physical storage medium isn't necessarily subject to mechanical failure or theft.

This particular item is not without its uses, but with the amount of data on the average person's computer, 30GB gets used up really, really quickly, and this product only comes with a year subscription. The average every-day user may not see the use for this, unless they are very, VERY selective about what data they wish to keep.

Live Psychic Reading with Luella - Phone or Chat 30 min

I've always been a skeptic when it comes to this stuff...for only $29.99, you too can be the proud owner of a 30-minute live chat session with a real psychic.

The huge disclaimer on the auction does indicate that it's for "entertainment purposes only," which would seem to be there for legal reasons. Indeed, having actually sat through a psychic session, they allegedly use specific tactics such as cold reading, dictating very obvious information that could easily apply to 90% of the people they meet and tailoring what they say to you from your facial expressions.

I don't know if $29.99 is worth it for something that you could easily get from a fortune cookie, and I can think of cheaper ways to be entertained for 30 minutes.

1960 - Mobile Home Insurance ~ RV Camper Magazine AD

Filed under "One Man's Trash...", it's really easy to find a lot of things on eBay that will only appeal to an extremely limited buying public. Like, people who are really hardcore fans of RV insurance companies.

Okay, I'll bite...there will be the very rare occasion when I go into a business and as part of their decor they utilize framed images of old magazine ads, such as this one. But, in a consumer-driven world that emphasizes buying new and better and brighter, it doesn't seem quite likely that they would want to dig up the past like this.

Baba de Caracol PORTUGAL 55gr/1.8oz, ANTI WRINKLE CREAM

I'm guessing that "wrinkle cream" actually is supposed to remove wrinkles rather than promote them, but there are lots of them available on eBay. One in particular is made by Baba de Caracol, which won't necessarily retard the aging process, but has a bunch of interesting ingredients in it, like something called allantoin, a naturally occurring ingredient that comes from snails.

This is new to me. Supposely, this is intended to help with the regeneration process, as it is what allows snails to regenerate their shells. Scientific study has yet to show if allantoin will work as advertised, but at least it's no worse than what we used to use...nightshade...mercury...


With DVD sales on the way down and being replaced by more advanced (and expensive) bluray discs (I haven't made the switch yet myself), eBay is one of the many destinations to get your fix. Just read the auction carefully.

For $4.99, you can get information that you can easily Google yourself. These lists are fairly useless, given that there are already limited markups on DVD and Blu-Ray discs. In many instances, discs are being sold at a loss to the retailers, hoping to make up for it for it in sales volume and add-ons.

The sellers are essentially cranking out dollar bills in their basement, as this information is available for free and is to the average joe who wants to get a better deal on discs (want 20 copies of Paul Blart: Mall Cop?).

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Typing in "dark circles" into eBay yields a multitude of results, given that the words themselves can mean just about anything, but it's assumed that you're referring to the end result of fatigue or too much partying. And we have a winning eBay auction for that.

Since there are a multitude of cures that claim to work for this condition, this one goes on to rag on those expensive treatments, but doesn't do much to instill confidence in the product either. From the auction:

"Here is a old family recipe/formula that works! It makes no sense for you to keep throwing away good, hard earned money on high cost products that do not produce results! Who has the time or money for that?

While I don't offer any guarantees that it will work for you, I really don't see why it wouldn't!"

I think I'll just stick with a healthy lifestyle and plenty of sleep, thank you.

Xanax,Viagra,Ambien,Cipro,Soma,Zocor,Adipex Discount

With only minimal knowledge of the American healthcare system, I can really only speculate on the usefulness of this. In Canada, prescription drug costs have a reputation for being considerably lower than their American counterparts, which probably explains the Simpsons episode in which Homer becomes a drug smuggler for Canadian prescription drugs.

So, when I see a citizen's drug card being offered on eBay, I guess it's a good thing, but the seller is promoting the idea that it can be used to purchase more "fun" medications such as Viagra or the adipex diet pill. While I don't doubt that they have their uses, but shouldn't pharmacare and subsidized health care go towards things that people kinda need to function on a daily basis, like their insulin shots and cancer drugs?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Amish fireplace

eBay can be truly educational, and so can this blog. When I first heard of Amish fireplaces, given my knowledge of low-tech communities, if one were to obtain one, it would be equally low-tech. And wouldn't you know what they have on eBay...

The idea behind this is that it's semi-portable electric fireplace (ie: one that is not permanently part of the building). All of the auctions do indicate that at least ONE part of it was created by the Amish, specifically the mantles. Given their lack of reliance on technology, in the event of a infrastructure-disrupting disaster, the Amish will be able to continue on without interference. But, they won't have much of a market for mantles for Amish fireplaces.

How to Carve Folk Figures and a Cigar-Store Indian

With the surgeon general warnings, getting good discount cigars may not necessarily be a thing of the past, but here's something that definitely is.

This auction is for a book, How to Carve Folk Figures and a Cigar-Store Indian. This book is cover-dated 1979 and highly indicative of cultural standards of the time, before terms like "Native American" and "First Nations Person" were the more commonly accepted nomenclature. Suddenly, I'm thinking of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer brings home a cigar store Indian into the Jerry's apartment, and suddenly he's fending off accusations that he's racist to a girl he's dating, who also happens to be Native American.

Because of our highly PC times, anything that can irritate cultural sensitivities will be tough to find in traditional retail outlets (unless the intend is to offend), which makes things like these a true rarity. However, I leave it up to you whether you consider it offensive.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laser Acne Herpes Cold Sore Wrinkles Scars Treatment

If you're looking for good skin advice, finding acne treatments on eBay might not be the best course of action unless they're recommended by your dermatologist.

This auction is for a home laser treatment for acne and other skin problems such as cold sores and eczema. These raise my inner skeptic, especially when it's going for under $30 USD whereas typical treatments at an actual clinic will go for several times this amount. This is the type of marketing push that you'll see in the late night informercials pushing this product. While research has been done, it is still too embryonic to be considered valid proof of its efficacy.

Caveat Emptor, readers.

12 Dog Chux Pad Washable Incontinence Pet Bed Underpad

Filed under pet beds, this one is a little harder to classify, since the seller has several suggested uses for the product apart from its primary use as an incontinence training pad for puppies. As he notes, "Used in good condition!!! Still have plenty of life!!....guaranteed!!)"

It's not so much the longevity of the product due to wear and tear that I'm worried about, but the fact that the product is being sold as an incontinence training pad and it has been USED. Um...ew?

Monday, September 28, 2009

SAMSUNG Semiconductor Products Guide 1986

You know you're getting old when items that were made within your lifetime are considered "vintage."

Samsung has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1930s as a small little electronics shop in Daegu, South Korea and has even surpassed Sony in terms of consumer electronics market share. Heck, my monitor is a Samsung. Having manufactured just about every single consumer electronic conceivable from home appliances to computers, they've done quite well for themselves.

Now you can own a piece of history. Okay, RECENT history. Because some 23 years after its printing, the use for a 1986 Samsung Semiconductor Products Guide will be somewhat useless for anything other than historical value.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The interesting thing about doing reviews for eBay auctions is that I get to learn stuff about things I was previously knowledgeable about, such as porcelain tile. While it is most commonly used for home improvement and the like, it is also an artistic medium, with many hand-painted designs up for grabs on eBay.

While many of them have zero bids on them, occasionally you see a truly unique piece, such as this one.

As the seller states, this is a pre-war piece with a lot of detail into the work and craft. Of course, it must go to the truly discerning buyer.

1938 Chevy ORIG stainless steel car grille L@@@@@@@@@@K

While I may be slightly annoyed at the seller's method of attracting interest in the item, the item appears to be selling itself anyway.

Given the interest in old car restoration and the difficulty in finding parts such as car grilles, punching that item into eBay will list a part for every modern vehicle ever made, and since most of them are "buy it now" type auctions, there won't be any bids on any of them.

But for a rare piece like this (reserve still not met), there are several. This is for a 1933 Chevy, which was newly polished and restored. It's so old, in fact, that it doesn't actually have a specific part number or interchange number. It's interesting that they still call it "new", however.

Improving the Social Security Disability Decision Progr

I'm pretty sure that I've seen titles of eBay auctions that were a little longer than this one, so I don't know if there's any excuse as to why the seller can't spell out "Improving the Social Security Disability Decision Process". As it is, it's cut off, so you think it's going to say "Program" when the picture of the book says "process."

This is probably one of the lazier auctions I've seen, as they haven't gone into a lot of detail on the product itself. Perhaps that's how they are able to keep their prices relatively low and they assume that you've already done your homework and already have read about it. This isn't entirely smart, as anyone would probably go on to find information on it (and they do sell it), and will discover that it's actually cheaper.

Official Novelty Doctor Dr Who Darlex Bed Floor Rug

With college students studying abroad and finally settling into their dorms, they are likely sparse on furniture. Designer discount rugs are probably out, being that they need money for important things like beer, food, and books (in that order).

That is, until the geeks stumble upon this. Definitely made for a sci-fi geek, actually sorta tacky, actually. Since Dr. Who is fairly niche sci-fi (although probably the most's listed as one of the longest running sci-fi series of all time), and college dorm dwellers are likely sharing the space with others, and Dr. Who fans are likely to be outvoted by the others. Oh well.

And isn't it called a "Dalek"?

Water Temp Sensor Green/Blue/Red LED Sink Faucet Light

This is actually sorta cool, actually. You've remodeled your bathrooms, got new sinks and tiles, and if you think your bathroom isn't nearly high tech enough, there's this.

While it's sold as a safety gadget, it's more for the novelty than anything else ( sells a model for the shower, although they completely skip over the possibility that it can have any practical applications, but their version is powered by the moving water whereas this one needs batteries).

But, you'd have the coolest bathroom around. Get the one for the showerhead and you'd never leave the bathroom.


This auction sort of bothers me. While they don't necessarily claim to be selling the "best diet pills," some of the claims that they are making and their selling points for making this a desirable item are enough to make me really question the validity of their health claims.

For one, they named their product "Fenphedra," which appears to be a portmateau of two weight loss supplements, Fen-Phen, a drug that was implicated in the deaths of several users; and ephedra, a stimulant that is banned by the FDA. But, on the plus side, the seller is actually just giving it away as a free sample (gee, thanks), because they really want to push something they call TFuel.

But even still, there's something a little worrisome about the auction says...We do not know how much longer this product will be available either, due to recent FDA regualtions, so stock Up NOW while you still can!!

Maybe later.

Reliable Salicylic Acid Box Full 1 oz. Md. 1933

Even if you don't have a chemistry background, you'll know that salicylic acid has many uses in today's households, whether it be for cosmetic use as an exfoliating product (showing up in dandruff shampoos and acne medication) or as the active ingredient in Aspirin. And what do you, know, they actually used to sell it by the box.

For the starting bid of $4.99, you can be the proud owner of a box of "Reliable Salicylic Acid", from circa 1933. Being that it's the better part of 80 years old, it stands to reason that it probably won't be active anymore, but that's not stopping the person from selling it (and indeed, they qualify it is for collector's value only). However, it can only be sold to the "right" type of buyer. Maybe that person is you? Hey, it's only $4.99.

Monday, September 21, 2009

VIZY VEST Yellow mesh Safety Vest with Flashing LED

Okay, not exactly the flashiest and sexiest item around, but safety vests are an important piece of equipment for a lot of different industries, ranging from film production to construction, and can even be used for sports safety, especially with nighttime.

This one is for a slightly fancier model, which is powered by batteries and has flashing LED lights. Selling something like this isn't really rocket science - you either need it or you don't. However, I don't know why the seller really needs to call it a "breathable material", as it's usually not form-fitting anyway.

RSJBW Weight Loss VERY FAST Diet Pills BEST Of ALL #1

I do a lot of reviews of eBay auctions offering diet pills and this is yet another one.

I've seen this one before. This particular auction sells a dietary supplement with large claims about fat burning and weight loss, but finding any information about this particular product (it doesn't even have a brand name, just 15 Chinese herbs as ingredients). Doing research about this particular product doesn't really dig up much either, as many of the listed ingredients don't have corresponding Wikipedia pages.

While the feedback rating of this seller is promising, always do your research first before you spend money on something you're putting into your body. ALWAYS.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


With a large number of eBay auctions offering entire online businesses for sale, such as your own personal web site directory, it can be pretty tempting for those wishing to make money with minimal effort.

Sadly, there are no shortcuts, contrary to what a lot of eBay auctions selling businesses like these tend to offer. Things like search engine optimization and getting more traffic to your site can be very challenging for newcomers, which is why businesses like these exist. Consequently, the people who are good at things like that are very well compensated for their efforts.

I've dabbled in it briefly, and unless you know what you're doing, you will waste a lot of time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Funny 1gb flash drive - Broken USB cable FREE US SHIP!!

Finding a flash drive on eBay is pretty simple, but if you want something truly unique, you may have to sacrifice capacity to get it, but it's on eBay. These are 1GB portable USB drives that are made to look like a hacked and frayed USB cable.

I've actually seen these offered on and they make pretty neat novelties, although if it's security you're looking for (ie: no one is going to steal a frayed USB cable, right?), it might not be the best choice...people aren't as likely to summarily throw away something that looks like a USB flash drive, but they'll likely throw away a piece of cut and frayed USB cable.


In my latest review of eBay auctions, I bring you one for heart pendant jewelry. This is when I stress that when one is looking at an auction for something that "regularly retails for $349" (according to the auction) but is selling for a fraction of that (as in, $49.99 buy it now price), that's when I say read the thing carefully.

Of course, there's no way anything with mined diamonds could ever retail for less than $49.99, but it pretty much says it all when the seller says it is "almost impossible for the untrained eye to tell the difference." As to whether or not it's a reasonable price for costume jewelry is not for me to decide. But the seller doesn't even go onto say whether they're lab-grown diamonds (I'm assuming they're not) or even cubing zirconium for that matter. I'm going to assume it's the latter.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

4GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Stick + FREE Online Storage

Either electronics tend to be more expensive in the UK, or this is kinda overpriced. This guy is selling a 4GB memory stick that comes with free online storage for GPB 19.95, which translates to about $33.27 USD. Here in Vancouver, that same amount of money will buy a USB drive double in size, although I can't really for the quality as Veho is a brand mostly found in the UK.

However, slight exagerrations are a little annoying. 4GB is not "huge", especially when consumer models have cracked the 128GB mark. My computer hard drive isn't even that big. Crap, I need to upgrade.

3 Pkgs of New Fat Burning coffee "B Skinny"

If you're interested in fat burning, you can always take doctor recommended supplements, engage in high-intensity exercise and sensible eating, and have realistic expectations as to what you can achieve in a certain amount of time.

Or, you can drink a lot of this coffee.

I review a lot of eBay auctions on weight loss products and this is yet another one. I'm relatively unfamiliar with this product, so I googled it, only to find that there are no respected news sources that are writing about this, save for a short blurb in The Examiner. This really comes across as home-based marketing, where people are selling vitamins out of their own homes and getting stuck with tons of inventory.

Womens Shoes Black Dansko sz 39 8.5 9 M Leather Oxfords

Not much to review in this particular auction for Dansko shoes. Since a large bulk of auctions on eBay are of the professional type (ie: it's as a major source of income for the seller, as opposed to just someone getting rid of stuff around the house), in order for your auction to stand out, you have to abide by several rules.

As this is from someone with a powerseller rating, they got so by having clear pictures, detailed yet brief descriptions, and an easy to way to contact the seller in case you have questions. Unlike the last guy I reviewed.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance Info Brokers Dont Want You To No

If you're looking to get cheap insurance, I think it goes without saying that you really shouldn't go with what this guy has to say.

This must be one of the most poorly written eBay auctions in recent memory, and I've done a lot of reviews of eBay auctions. I THINK what he's giving tips and tricks for getting significant discounts on car insurance that presumably goes beyond the standard factors like driving habits, frequency of accidents, driving experience, age, and the like.

Unfortunately, the guy's writing is an absolute headache to read. Here's an excerpt of his item description:

ever looked on internet for quote for cheap car insurance,and been told there quote is the best and wont be beaten,well believe me it can be beaten i have the details for you that was given to me by broker this is info insurance companies dont want you to have like how to get your insurance lowered just by your job title etc,from builder to brick layer,these little tricks can actually save you from £60-£120 and more also i have list of job titles that i will give to you and also the other info that can save you lots one buyer said he saved £420 right away with being new driver so dont knock it till you tried it i am the only seller of this item and once you have bought this i will send you all the info you need to get saving right away each year so save it so you can keep going back to it for the price of £3.99 what have you got to loose????

With spelling and grammatical skills like this, I wouldn't trust this guy for directions to the nearest bathroom. And how is knowing that one's job title can affect one's insurance rate going to be practical, exactly? What are you going to do when you're filling out your insurance forms, LIE? Do that, and one audit will get you in a mess of trouble.


If doing renovations on your home , a stainless steel backsplash is a good way to add value and function to your kitchen, as well as keep it clean for guests. However, if you're looking for something slightly more avant guarde, there's this.

A backsplash guard typically goes into a kitchen, but if you're making appetizing meals, seeing the word "Crappie" doesn't exactly inspire culinary excellence. Why not call it by a slightly more appetizing name such as "calico bass," which is another name for it?

WW1 1918 Soldier War Life Insurance & Disability #14

The profit margin on this particular item is huge, the guy might as well be printing up dollar bills in his basement.

It's really unclear as to what you get if you win the auction, but based on the photos, you get a certificate for life and disability insurance circa 1918 and a Xerox copy of a letter written by a soldier stationed in France during World War I. I'm really unclear as to what each of those things have to do with each other, but I'm pretty sure that I don't want to spend $2 on this. Memorabilia is supposed to be AUTHENTIC, or belongs in a museum, and he's selling something that was done on an office photocopier.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


While manufactured homes may not have the same prestige that comes with owning a larger condo or a suburban home, it's still property. However, I do have to ask exactly what is wrong with it that a guy is selling his home with a starting bid of $1 with no reserves.

With a 100% feedback rating, it's kinda hard not to trust that. And, he does have a story as to why he is selling...but for so low? Maybe he just forgot to set the reserve, because he is taking a SERIOUS loss if somebody bids a buck and nobody else goes for it.

Acai Berry Supreme Diet ENERGY Supplement FREE SHIPPING

If you are searching for diet supplement reviews, you may be better served than going on eBay for your advice, as any testimonial or review that you see on eBay is only served to market or sell the product.

Take for instance, this product here. This product is pushing acai berry extract, which does have certain health benefits, but has many purported benefits that have yet to be proven by scientific testing and FDA evaluation. But as always, there is the CMA disclosure:

"Please consult your own medical practitioner before beginning new supplements. Do not construe any of the statements herein as medical advice. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor have the products been approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. Although research about these ingredients can be found and documented all over the web, in libraries and medical universities around the world, it is not intended that any of these statements take the place of personal medical advice."

COLOR LIGHT DVD - Lighting - Entertainment - Weird

For those too cheap to purchase retro lighting fixtures, you now have the option of purchasing a DVD that will scroll through a multitude of colours on your television screen. And...that's it.

This is probably one of the more limited use DVDs I've seen offered on sale on eBay, which really puts makes the fireplace and aquariums seem useful. Most parties and gatherings will do better with actual videos or broadcast on screen. Maybe it's for those pretentious snooty artsy types...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Veriphone credit card terminal & Ticket Receipt Printer

If you're looking for a receipt printer, eBay has a large number of offerings, although it's probably advisable that you only purchase from a trusted vendor, or at least know what you're getting into. This is especially the case if you're purchasing one alongside a credit card terminal.

With credit card fraud and ATM card skimming happening at a frequent clip, it's reasonable for everyone to be aware of their responsibilities. These are pretty obvious by now...safeguard your PIN numbers, report lost or stolen cards immediately, etc. But, since the onus also falls on retailers, there are a lot of things they can do, as there are a lot of ways they can be target as well.

Unscrupulous employees of establishments that accept debit or credit card have been known to carry card skimmers, which can be dealt with on a human resources level (unless they happen to be in on it too). However, it becomes difficult to punish if it happens to involve compromised machines, such as if someone replaces a credit card reader with one programmed to send information back to another server.

If these things are sold on eBay, then it's an opportunity for thieves and criminals. Caveat emptor as always.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Life Insurance Quotes Free .com - Premium Domain Name

So if you run a business offering free insurance quotes, you too can have a premium domain name for 99 cents. It's interesting how the internet has changed over the years, as just about every possible domain name possible has been taken. Since all the major companies have bought up every possible iteration of their name including acronyms, they're been going after RELATED keywords in domain names. Now, you can type in just about any keyword for whatever respective industry or consumer product and you're guaranteed to come up with something. Or at least a link farm.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Free custom GE wireless security system home alarm new

If I was in charge of eBay, it's these kind of things I would eliminate...this is where it goes against the original spirit of selling on eBay and turns it into a shill to sell products outside of eBay. In this case, it's a wireless security system that is selling for one cent, but requiring a 3-year long contract to secure the services.

Since eBay takes a portion of the selling price of an item, the fact that they are using eBay's web space and bandwidth to promote their services seems kinda...I dunno, wrong. That, and the fact that this makes it more difficult to find items that people actually do need and want, instead, filling the searches with items that do not necessarily fill the eBay user's need...

Apple 512MB (2X256) DDR ram memory G4 Powermac eMac MAC

One of the hazards of purchasing computer components such as Mac memory through an eBay retailer is that it can be more of a hassle to rectify if things go wrong, as opposed to dealing with an actual online business. One retailer I'm looking at is selling 256 mb DDR ram for under $10, which I guess is fairly reasonable, until the seller tosses in this little disclaimer...

"The picture is an example of what you will receive, actual brand may vary."

For performance enthusiasts (not so much for Mac, but more for PC, especially gaming), this is not something that's necessarily welcome, but for a $10 component, you might not care. But considering that the stereotypical snobbery of owning a Mac is at times on par with that of a hard-core PC gamer, it's something to consider.


I went on eBay looking for a good deal on an elliptical trainer, and instead, we get to see a walk through tour of a small European town on DVD.

As North Americans tend to rank among the fattest in the world, anything that will keep people motivated to exercise would be a good thing. And, when people are working out, they tend to multitask, so they'd probably be better suited by having the news on TV instead. But just because I wouldn't use the product, doesn't necessarily mean it would not be decent for anyone else.

It's interesting that they choose to put the word "elliptical" in the auction name, and they categorize it under cardiovascular equipment to increase the number of hits they can get on the auction.

2Bot TCA Glycolic Chemical Cosmetic Peel Acne Treatment

Those seeking acne treatment should probably go to their doctor or a dermatologist. However, if you have $14.75 kicking around, you can try this...a chemical peel that is probably best left to the professionals. Chemical peels can be potentially dangerous, and if you're purchasing it from eBay, you won't necessarily have the benefit of professional expertise. And, if you're doing this from home, medical treatment will be a little bit further away than if you went to an actual clinic for this.


If you find yourself reading colon cleanser reviews on eBay, chances are that they might be full of crap, pun slightly intended. Myself, I'm all about maintaining a proper diet with fibre and plenty of fluids. But, punch in actual colon cleanse products into eBay, and you'll find them by the crap-load. Oddly enough, most of them aren't even specific to the colon, such as the one that I just linked to, as it seems to be more about liver cleansing rather than colon cleansing.

The auction does contain some very grandiose claims about what the product can do, however. Of all the things I see on eBay, I tend to see a lot of variety in herbal supplements which are available at the local drug store.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Putting all politics aside for this post, an eBay jewelry store is selling US Navy rings and calling them "military surplus." I suppose that this is no different than various t-shirts and what not with the word "NAVY" written across it, but doesn't this come across as trivializing to anyone who actually served in the military? This looks like something that is rewarded for service and sacrifice. What's next? Replicas of the US Medal of Honor?

Sunday, May 03, 2009


When looking up weight loss pills on eBay, this was the first entry that had more than zero bids on it.

This is an Asian product and as a consequence, is rife with "Engrish" (read: it's poorly translated). The auction states that it contains "evil powders of low gather the sugar malt." I was really prepared to make a joke about the obvious pun that can be made about the product's name ("pay, you go", suggesting a laxative effect), but I'm not sure what the purpose of "evil powders" is.

Mesothelioma Lawyers List .com Domain Name Money Maker

Got $10M lying around?

It seems that the days of ambulance chasing are far from over, as now Mesothelioma lawyers are getting in on the act. Or more appropriately, cybersquatters who want in on the action. So, for $10M, you can be the proud owner of the domain name for a list of lawyers who can represent you in mesothelioma legal action.

Thanks to short-sighted industrial operators and managers that thought that asbestos use was a really good idea, people are dying as a result of the cancer brought on by asbestos exposure. This stuff is banned for really good reason.

Conversely, some regard the less-toxic asbestos alternatives as being inferior, and could have prevented the collapse of the World Trade Center. But, being that asbestos only used in the bottom half of the tower, when it collapsed, it contaminated the air with asbestos. Ah, hindsight.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

110,023 results found for women's shoes

Until the day comes when you can have your exact measurements transmitted to an online clothing retailer and that way you can absolutely certain that if you're buying anything from women's shoes to hats, you'll get a perfect fit every time.

When you're looking at over 100,000 results on eBay, it makes things more complicated, especially when you consider that one company's version of a size 5 is different from another's. So, unless you've tied up some poor salesman's time by trying on a pair of shoes in a shoe store and jotting down the exact product number, getting a perfect fit isn't going to be easy.

Friday, May 01, 2009


I have to keep reminding myself that eBay is not necessarily just for individuals and small business owners, but for everyone. As it stands, I have a really hard time understanding why the average individual would need to own an item like cell towers. Like, 8 of them.

The average everyday individual won't find much use for these bad boys, as it appears to be something that would be best purchased by a cell phone service provider. Really, what is the wife going to say when you bring this home?

Monday, April 20, 2009

No sh*t! 191 results found for colonix!

The Colonix program seems to garner quite a few hits on eBay, which tells me that a lot of people who go on eBay a lot probably have problems pooping. I've always been pretty good about my fibre intake, so there's a strong likelihood that I don't actually need this product. ]

However, the fact that this product exists points out a serious flaw in our national eating habits. As always, consult with your doctor before performing stuff like this. Because hey, the human body was designed this way for a reason.

2,412 results found for frontline

A couple of friends of mine had the good fortune to rent a crappy basement suite, but soon got attacked by fleas, thanks to a negligent landlord that failed to take care of a flea problem brought on by a cat. Eventually, they got Frontline or some other flea prevention measure, although I still worry about recurrence.

Although really, something like this would've been more useful to my buddies, as tenant rights are something that should be known by anyone who rents. One should reasonably expect to be able to live without being eaten alive.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Merrell Reactor Vent Trail Shoes Boys Girls Kids sz 13

While I'm pretty much free to buy Merrell Shoes in my size whenever my budget allows me to, this auction brought up some really spontaneous bad childhood memories for me. It's also for Merrell Shoes, but what caught my notice was that these shoes were meant for both boys and girls.

Growing up, finding shoes that fit particularly well was always a challenge due to my narrow feet, which meant I wasn't entitled to wearing the cool shoes that everyone else wore. For the most part, I can wear most shoes available today, but was forced to wear New Balance shoes, which were far from "cool" back then.

21,516 results found for sexy lingerie

Punching the words "sexy lingerie" into the search engine at eBay yields an unsurprising number of results. General good taste and attempting to avoid turning this blog into something that's NSFW prevents me from actively showing the pictures that I came up with. Surely enough, one of the standard maxims holds true - the cost of the item is inversely proportional to the amount of material that it includes. A single pair of crotchless panties gets about 12 bids and finishes at $10, whereas a lace teddy that covers from mid-thigh to above the chest goes for $5.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

FREE Hotel Rooms On Your Next Vacation! Grab Yours NOW!

Today, It Came From The (e)Bay goes scam buster he types in the keywords "free hotel rooms" and uncovers this little ditty that purports to sell a gift certificate promising luxury vacations and flights for two for the low, low LOW price of $9.99.

Of course, you're not going to stop'll be spending another $49.95 on top of that once you become a member. They don't go into having to pay for the taxes and the other hidden fees, but you know that they're there.

3 porcelain Bathroom fixtures

It's a really good thing I carefully read the item description, because if you're looking for bathroom fixtures and thought you were getting a good deal for $6 and then when you received a package that's about 5% of the size of the original item, you'd probably be really, really choked.

Pretty good detail, though. Just don't expect that tiny toilet to hold all your leavings.


Finding for baby bedding isn't really hard to do on eBay. Finding GOOD looking baby bedding is a little bit more difficult. Like this little ditty here, a zebra print laundry hamper intended to be sold alongside the matching crib set.

I'm interested in knowing how much influence designs like this have on a child's upbringing or if it's more for the interest of the parents who are looking to show off their baby like the latest fashion accessory.

But then, I'm not a parent. I do stuff for a parenting magazine, but I'm not a parent.

90 ALLI CAPSULES free fast shipping! DIET PILLS !!!!!

If you're looking for the best diet pill, going on eBay might be a bit of a dodgy proposition. With the sheer amount of vendors on eBay, you'll find thousands upon thousands of entries. Like this one.

This goes by the name Alli, the generic version of a drug called Orlistat. As the type of person that doesn't have to worry so much about what I eat (at least not yet), these ads kinda astound me. The solution is "simple" as it and exercise, but understandably, it's more difficult for some people. But to take a drug that turns just about everything you eat into Olestra?

Friday, March 20, 2009


The more time I spend on eBay, the more things I learn about the world around me. This comes in handy for trivia games and research, as you learn some of the most useless crap around. For example, looking up cattle supplies opens up a huge world of products specifically for the farming industry. More specifically, they actually sell adhesive for cattle. However, not knowing much about the world of farming, it'll require a lot more research to figure out what the final purpose of this is for.

And lo-and-behold, it's the equivalent of hair gel for cattle. Who knew?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Luxury Living Room Sylvanian Families Hotel Furniture

There isn't a lot to find on eBay in the way of luxury hotel rooms, and surely enough, entering those keywords won't get you any further than this...

This gives you an interesting idea how much keywords can be manipulated to give varying search results whenever you want to find anything, as this particular item was just about the only thing that came up that matched all three keywords.

I don't know if this has anything to do with search engine optimization, as this would've been the last item I was expecting to see, especially since it has very little to do with hotels to begin with. Maybe it's a UK phenomenon? Possibly, as this isn't something that's often seen on North American toy commercials.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Add this alongside the spray-on toupee, the blow-up doll, the applauding crowd on CD, the DVD fireplace, and the virtual fishbowl. In a world where the real thing is increasingly harder to obtain and people's living spaces are becoming progressively smaller, people now have the opportunity to settle for significantly cheaper and less authentic.

Here, we have a DVD depicting a walking tour of the Isle of Capri, which the seller also markets as something that is alongside treadmills and ellipticals.

I would think that if it were used for exercise machines that simulate actual movement, there would be more effort to go a little bit faster, such as the POV shots of a bicycle racer or a NASCAR driver myself. But, this video is a walking tour.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Travel deals are always a nice purchase on eBay especially with the world economy being the way it is. And of course, you're always going to need your various accessories, and how else do you save money except by buying in bulk?

Okay, these bags are uglier than sin and what the heck is the average consumer going to do with 35 of them? On one hand, it's a serious deal, supposedly retailing for $800 and going for $200, but considering the lack of a brand name, it's somewhat dubious.

I mean seriously, leopard print?

1,240 results found for weight loss pills

With 1270 possible eBay results when looking for weight loss pills, it's clear that it's a multimillion dollar industry, although the onus is still on the consumer to do all the necessary research in order to make an informed decision. But unfortunately, with 1270 different auctions to sift through, finding something that's effective and permanent (and legitimate!) is a very tough call. Me, I'm all about acceptance.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sponsored post/website review - Kenmar Watches

Not sure how my sponsors are going to react to this, but they DID ask for a review, but I have to keep it on topic with my blog too. So here goes.

Those who are going to the Kenmwar Watches website ( for Festina Watches will be greeted by a stock photo image representing a customer service representative that will be able to help them out with their purchase. While there is the option of clicking the "no thanks" part, it'll pop up with every single page you visit.

Compared to other sites, the selection is absolutely astounding, although overwhelming would be a more appropriate adjective. There are hundreds of watches to choose from, which makes finding the one you want a little intimidating.

Prices...let's just say I'm confused by the whole thing about a watch being listed as "$X-amount or less", and when you click on the item, it shows the exact amount, no less, no "or" either. And, I did find one particular product that was about $20 cheaper on eBay, even when you factor in free shipping. However, to be fair, they do offer price matching, and as well, they guarantee authenticity, which you can't guarantee on eBay.


Trash and treasure, supply and demand. Two sets of opposing ideas that are always on eBay. So, you look at a collectible item offered by Fossil Watches: an ultra-rare Fossil tin wind up figure toy.

While hardly an antique (the item is filed under there, even though the production model on this is less than a few years...or however long it takes for a watch battery to die), this is a pretty interesting item, although it suddenly evokes images of Wall-E to mind, specifically that scene where the titular robot is rummaging through trash and comes across a diamond ring in a box. He discards the diamond ring and keeps the box, demonstrating what is of value to him.

Here, the item of value should be the watch, although by itself, the watch will retail for no more than $50 or so. However, the addition of a metal tin and a mechanical wind-up toy (total value of $10 to manufacture) suddenly boosts the value to $500.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portable Lap Notebook Computer Table Laptop Desk Stand

This auction in particular is for computer desks, more specifically for laptop computers. While image hosting on the seller's auction page prevents me from posting images from his auction, there are a few things that don't make sense, specifically when his auction states that photo #7 does not depict the item in question, yet on the main page (not on the brief item header), there are only 6 photos.

Selling Used Books Online complete guide to bookselling

Who would've thought, that they would actually have a textbook that would tell you how to sell your used textbooks online? I'm just wondering if this is the seller of this item is finally done with this item and now needs to sell it to someone else.

Purchasing your school materials online has become a great alternate method to the university bookstore, especially when they are known to gouge students for whatever they can get. Book buy back at the end of the semester is the biggest heartbreak, especially when they decide to change editions (even though the content differences are only superficial) and hence your $200+ textbook is only worth $20. Biggest rip off I ever encountered was when the teacher had us purchase extra course materials that weren't even used in class. Insult came when the teacher condescendingly suggested that it would be our summer reading. Jerk.

5 results found for Leptorexin [ Save this searchSaved toMy eBay. ]

LeptoRexin is another diet pill that is popular on eBay and all over the internet, but nowhere else. Much like Orovo, there is very little legitimate information that did NOT come from the original company that makes it. Even the Yahoo Answers page has one person asking if it's a good product, yet the only answers are sourced from the LeptoRexin website. Me, I'm a firm believer in just getting off the couch and putting down the chips. But, your mileage may vary.

85 results found for orovo [ Save this searchSaved toMy eBay. ]

I don't know if there's anything left to say about Orovo at this point. As per my sponsor agreement, I am to write about this product in this blog, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult. However, there are still a zillion available auctions on eBay for it, and despite that, nobody seems to know anything about the product. There isn't even an entry for the product in Wikipedia.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Term Life Insurance. 5 year 10 year 15yr 20yr 30yr

Surely enough, "term life insurance" is available on eBay. Or, at least a way that you can get it...

As of late, eBay is turning into a place for low-cost webspace, as this seems to be the sole purpose of this eBay auction, as a gateway to another website. The purpose of this auction is not to sell any sort of tangible good or service, but to advertise. eBay seriously needs a way to flag auctions like these.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2.62ct Princess Cut Engagement/Wedding Ring Set

With the economic crunch affecting the way we live, Christmas has been especially lean for many people (although the Nintendo Wii is still hard to find), and with that major spending holiday out of the way, we're now looking at Valentine's Day. Which brings about the topic of engagement rings.

The benchmark is supposedly 3 months salary for a diamond engagement ring (according to the DeBeers ads), but for under $100, you can get a diamond ring that isn't cubic zirconium. These are interesting, as they are virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds, and can be superior in some respects. However, they're also significantly less expensive, costing no more than a tenth of the value of a similar natural diamond.

Why are synthetic diamonds such a bad thing? It's not like Africans are dying for them.