Friday, October 26, 2007

$1 Wynn Casino Chip From Las Vegas

I think I already talked about this one before, but it looks like someone else is selling casino chips for more than their face value. I'm not sure as to why this is actually lucrative to the point that casino chips have their own dedicated category within eBay. Direct from the Wynn Las Vegas Casino, we have a $1 chip.

Surprisingly, this one already has two bids on it (as of this current writing), with the high bid of 99 cents. I've always questioned buying certain types of memorabilia on eBay, considering that it's usually to commemorate a place that you've actually been to. And, tacking shipping onto this, would not likely be very cost effective for a gambler (considering how often you get free money from a casino, this is a pretty ass-backwards approach).

Saturday, October 20, 2007


The company that's selling this particular item calls themselves "Auction Drop." Never has a more apt description of an eBay auction been put in the item's title. As in, it might have been what happened to the item in question.

While they are completely up front and honest about the functionality of the product (ie: in the fact that IT DOESN'T), I don't really expect that people are going to go through the time and effort required to get this item. At $318.99, it might actually be worth it to go through the time and effort to actually go and retrieve the item in question, but considering the actual repair costs of projection televisions, and that the fact that 80% of the time, units are cheaper to replace than repair, it might not.

Unfortunately, no one has gotten around to making a diagnostic as to WHAT is wrong with the TV, only the vague, "The screen display for this television is impaired or unclear." This could mean anything from a $2000 repair job or a $20 part, but hey, you never know. But, you still gotta spend $318.99 to find out.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Northern Heights Counter Bar Stool Pair Furniture New

Okay, I'm running a little bit thin on the "odd" eBay auctions as of late, because I haven't been able to locate any weird auctions related to bar stools, so instead, just a little lesson about paying attention to detail when you're putting up your auctions. Like, putting up the right picture of the product?

I guess it's easier for individuals, when they're just selling a small number of items, so when you're a larger company selling thousands of dollars worth of stuff on a daily basis, it's easier to miss stuff.

But c'mon, guys. This is a dining room set!

iJoy 270 iPOD Human Touch Home Theater Massage Chair

It appears that technology has come a long way in a very short amount of time. And we still haven't found a way to mitigate global warming, cure cancer, or solve the energy crisis.

A little bit overkill if you're just looking for home theater chairs, this has just about everything you could possibly need...jacks for your iPod, 4 massage settings for each area of your spine, and even a remote control. However, I've always wondered about remote controls...considering the fact that you're actually sitting directly on the device yourself, is a remote control really necessary? It's the equivalent of putting an eject button on a remote control of a DVD player. You gotta get up to retrieve the disc anyway.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Not exactly gold bracelets, as this supposedly contains silver and copper as well, but if you believe in the power that this item supposedly contains, then you probably don't care about the metal content.

By itself, this is a nice looking bracelet, although the auction page is a bit of a headache to look at. Clean simple layouts are all anyone really needs when they are browsing eBay, although forcing the users to listen to music or view Flash content is enough to turn normal run-of-the-mill eBay users off. But then, if you believe in the powers contained by the item itself, and this is something you're looking to get into, then you're probably not a normal run-of-the-mill eBay user either.

Super Bowl 9 PSA TICKET Steelers Vikings Superbowl IX

Slightly more believable in the trash-and-treasure file, we have stubs for Superbowl tickets, slightly more believable, considering that professional sporting events generally have a lot more relevance to a lot more people than, oh, say, furniture ads from 40-year-old magazines.

Some of these are very serious collectors items for sports fans. I remember collecting hockey cards when I was younger, and how certain cards such as rookie cards for important players would fetch more significant funds. But, another factor was the card's condition. And, considering the time in which I was regularly buying hockey cards, some of these cards were produced in such large quantities, that any sort of damage or wear and tear was unacceptable, considering how easy it was to obtain a new one.

The damage on this piece of merchandise is quite obvious, even through the photo, but given the rarity of this item (number produced vs. number in circulation), would probably make the price tag somewhat justifiable. But only if you're a football fan.

PAY FOR PERFORMANCE George Milkovich 1991 SC

How can a book have come out 16 years ago and still be sold as "new"?

Actually entitled "Pay for Performance," the book is probably a really useful tool for those in human resources, supervisors, bosses - basically anyone who pays people to work for them. But, since the book came out well before the online age, much of the information is likely far out of date, while the dollar values that would be discussed are in 1991 values. Given the rates of inflation and the state of the job market, I would expect that this would have to be updated on an annual basis, but doesn't seem to matter for this seller.

After all, when the eBay seller calls herself "DesperateDiva", and with a feedback rating in the 3000s, I don't think it matters to her either.

AUDEMARS PIGUET Royal Oak Sports Cap Hat

Does anybody else remember that episode of Friends where Joey buys a bunch of Ferrari merchandise like a keychain, a baseball hat, and a jacket in order to convince people that he's the owner of an actual Ferarri car?

After perusing eBay for Audemars Piguet watches and looking at the actual prices for some of these watches (some of which are more the price of a new luxury car), it very much appears that this may be the lowest price item up for bid.

Not to fret, however. If you don't want to be quite like Joey, you can still bid on one of the lower priced watches...if you just happen to have $1000 in spare change kicking around.

Short Bed Roll-Top Toneau Top + System One Ladder Rack

Anybody else thinks that this guy got greedy?

I understand the psychology behind having reserves on items, reserves being the minimum dollar amount that the seller will be willing to move the item for. If the person simply just sets the starting bid at the reserve price, then there will be less incentive on the part of the prospective buyer to bid on the item.

But, when the guy puts the "buy it now" price at $1550 (almost 3x the starting bid), it gets a little bit suspect.

This guy is selling a used ladder rack for a 2003 Dodge Dakota, which he claims was "purchased new," although that doesn't really make a lick of difference if was purchased new back then, because the prospective buyer will be purchasing it used right now. Good luck, buddy.

1919 Antique Real Estate ad Miami Fl Clearwater Dora Lk

Latest in the line of the trash and treasure series, someone is selling an ad clipping promoting a Miami real estate company from 1919.

This company has probably long-since passed to the annals of business statistics (and if I had the spare time to go out and do the research, I would find that out for sure). I'm really curious as to how this publication has managed to survive for so long in someone's basement, although it may indicate that it belonged to a person who really had a hard time letting go of stuff, which is why we tend to see so many of these types of things going on eBay. With zero bids and only a buy-it-now price, items like these are commonly tossed onto eBay without much care and attention, using more of a shotgun approach to sell.

However, if you are looking for actual real estate, eBay may not be the best place to look, considering the level of customer service you may or (probably) not receive.

save our homes

Denver Park Lane Motel and Hotel Ad Brochure Now Condos

Unfortunately, it's the cheapest item that is available when you type in "Condo Hotels." And, it very much looks like something that a person managed to dig up when they were cleaning up their apartment and tried to make some quick cash off of it. Yes, they're selling a pamphlet, with artwork on the front that looks like it was done by an elementary school student.

This makes up a very large percentage of the auctions you see on eBay, where something that otherwise holds no value for most normal people, but someone is just putting the feelers out there to see if there'll be anyone who sees value in it.

Given the use of the old-style font and the actual type-written text on the inside, this is definitely an authentic relic from the times. But, is it worth anything? For whoever would want an item of such for framing purposes, it's absolutely priceless. Plus $2.50 s/h.


Somehow, I managed to be the FIRST person to view this auction.

Not really the kind of golf clubs that you'd expect to bring with you at the local 18 hole course, this seller is offering an inflatable golf club. Under the category of "gag gifts," its use is quite self-explanatory, although the seller does go on to add the disclaimer, "Novelty Use Only."

I'm just trying to recall that golfer who did all sorts of really wacky tricks with a standard golf club and a ball, but somehow I don't think this tool would make it into his arsenal.


Never mind the fact that this product comes in a BOX rather than an actual BAG, but this seller is offering a Travelpro brand travel accessories kit, known as "Comfort in a Bag."

Even for people who do like to travel, air travel can be really hard on the body. Being crammed into a tiny seat for an 18 hour flight is enough to cause deep vein thrombosis for some people (a potentially life threatening condition), cruddy airline service, and then there's also the rude customers, kids smacking their seats into yours, and so on. That, and none of these amenities are provided by airlines anymore, especially since the rising costs of fuel are causing them to cut back significantly on services. However, notice the ridiculous profits that they are still posting. Hmm...

This bag is missing a lot of things for the more jaded traveler, such as sleeping pills, a bottle of tequila, a dirty magazine, and a box of condoms.

SHOCKING UTILITY KNIFE razor blade blades shock joke

Designed for people that just don't pay attention, it's yet another gag item that's designed to deliver an electrical shock, but is disguised as an everyday object. In this, case, box cutters.

A closer look at the packaging artwork will reveal the words "Made in China," and given the recent news headlines about children's toys being laced with lead or having small magnetic buttons that break off and are swallowed, could give a few people cause for alarm. On the plus side, this could mean it could give a person a much bigger jolt than anticipated (okay, maybe not such a good thing).

I've always been more partial to the calculators or LCD gaming devices that squirt water at the unwitting victim myself.

The 100 Best Treatment Centers for Alcoholism and Drug

eBay can also be a good source for hard-to-find and out of print books from a variety of topics ranging from literature to things on finding drug treatment centers. I wasn't even sure of this myself until I looked it up and, surely enough, there's an actual book entitled The 100 Best Treatment Centers for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. The seller is offering it for a whopping $99.99, which is about 5 cents more expensive than what one seller is offering on

Dropping around $100 for a book is always tough, unless it happens to be a nice hardbound edition or a college level textbook (which will become outdated in under a year), but considering that this book is almost 20 years old (the book was printed in 1988), I really can't see the value, considering that businesses are known to change everything from contact information to location. Sure, drug treatment and rehabilitation can be the best step one can take to getting their life back on track, and is definitely worth the time and travel for a good facility. But, wouldn't something a little more recent be in order?

1970s Teen Drug Treatment & Rehab Program Films

Not quite Reefer Madness, this seller is offering a series of videos about drug rehabilitation and treatment. While debate may rage endlessly about the use of decriminalization and education as opposed to outright ban and prohibition, videos like these are truly reflective of the time in which they were produced. Today, they prompt comedic response.

For example, "
This film explores the life of a 30 something man who is trying to recapture control over his hippie lifestyle."

These would truly be collector's items had they been in their original format, but since the original formats are becoming increasingly outdated, this might be a tough sell. However, something like this might be a big hit at parties.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

BOTOX® Highlighter--SYRINGE Shaped--Drug-Pharmaceutical

I can guess that we can be grateful that there are SOME level of moral values on eBay. While pharmaceuticals and supplements are huge on eBay, looking for Botox for headaches (although last I checked, they're supposed to be used for headaches) yields plenty of "Botox alternatives" and Botox related material (t-shirts, books, pens), but thankfully, no syringes full of botulism toxin, or worse yet, fake botulism in a syringe.

I'm suddenly thinking of that episode of Nip/Tuck where disgraced plastic surgeon Dr. Bobolit was administering fake Botox injections, causing disfiguring injuries to his victims.


Weren't subliminal messages questioned for their efficacy a few years back, well after the PMRC rose a huge stink about backwards masking, and how listening to music would make you go out and worship Satan? (yenom erom ecniV evig)

This one guy is selling subliminal MP3s that are designed to help you sell real estate. Digital download, so it literally costs the guy nothing to make. Regardless of the fact that subliminal messaging is not as effective as they make it out to be, I'm still thinking this guy is a bit sketchy. I mean, does this sound right to you when he says...

"If you do want feedback, just leave me a positive and my service will automatically mirror your feedback ( positive for positive, neutral for neutral, negative for negative)."

So, if you feel that you've been ripped off by this guy and leave appropriate feedback, he'll leave you negative feedback just out of spite, even when you paid in full? Nice way to protect your feedback rating, jerk.


Could it be? A rarity on eBay? An item where they're not actually going to try to rip you off on shipping?

This gentleman is selling a used piece of machinery from Ingersoll Rand air tools and is pretty honest about the condition, with one minor caveat - you gotta pick it up yourself. Judging from the photos, it is not a lightweight piece of machinery, so something like that would likely be really expensive to ship.

I'm still remembering how I wanted to buy a video game from a local seller who REFUSED to do local shipping, even though we both live within the same area code. Sheesh! For that, there's Craigslist.