Sunday, October 26, 2008

Borat Green Mankini Suspender swim Thong Swimsuit Movie

I actually found it. Okay, I wasn't specifically contemplating buying this item, as images of anyone wearing this particular item usually evokes reactions of horror, disgust, and recoil.

This is interesting, considering that this particular type of swimwear actually covers significantly more surface area than your traditional Speedo, although the fact that it doesn't actually cover the hips might have something to do with it.

And, according to the auction, this is the real deal. Officially licensed merchandise from the movie, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Veeeeerrrry niiiiice.

88 results found for orovo

Orovo is one of the many health and fitness supplements that are available on the Internet in general, eBay in particular. However, despite the fact that there are 88 available auctions for items related to Orovo, very little is written about the product itself, and every single Google search hit yields people who are selling it.

Without making negative comments about this blog's sponsor, I'm only going to tell you to do your research about this product first before making a decision, as should be undertaken any time you go into a product without knowing much about it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ON SD CARD 2500+ BBeB/.LRF ebooks for SONY READER

Thankfully, the technology for SD Card memory has become progressively cheaper and cheaper. Most formats will easily charge you under $10 for 4 GB on eBay. This user is attempting to sweeten the pot by adding 2500+ E-books on a 1 GB card. For the equivalent of $14 USD.

Whether or not you believe the cover story of the seller being a baby boomer grandmother that makes her living transcribing and selling ebooks, considering that all of this information is in the public domain and readily available on the internet, this is a huge profit margin, considering that a 1GB card (empty) can be purchased for under $2.

Your call.

2008 Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller - Dark Brown - BRAND NEW

I'm actually somewhat grateful for this item, having once spent a significant part of my day commuting via public transit (I now carpool, which takes a fraction of the time). However, this is not because I'm in the particular market for a Bugaboo Stroller, or that I have any children of my own, but more that I'm a little bit peeved at parents that come onto public transit and park their SUV sized baby strollers onto the Skytrain or bus, taking up the standing room equivalent of 5 people. The product is relatively compact.

However, it's all completely moot if parents can't be bothered to fold the thing down and seat their child on their laps, which happens more often than not. Come on, people!

A Guide To Writing Library Job Descriptions: 1981 PB

Hitting a serious dry spell of amusing things to write about eBay auctions here, but I found an auction for a book entitled A Guide to Writing Library Job Descriptions. In this day and age of digital information being readily available at ones fingertips, one would think finding job descriptions for any career or occupation would be fairly easy, and of course, given the time that this book was written, it would be significantly more relevant back then.

But trying to put myself in the shoes of a reader in 1981, I'm still trying to make sense of the title. With no punctuation, the title indicates that the book will tell you how to write library job descriptions. While popular conceptions of libraries are of the old lady that shushes you when you talk too loud, the various tasks are quite varied, such as assisting in research. But, I think it's just a list of job descriptions, based on the way the title is written on the cover.




I guess graphic design and proper typography isn't included in that list.

Monday, October 13, 2008


With minimal expertise in futures trading, I'm not about to jump into a market without doing proper research. Regardless, there are numerous resources available on eBay and the internet, such as this one. This is probably one of the most sloppily written eBay auctions I've come across, which is seriously compromising my level of faith in the product. "Automatically draw Fibonacci level so you don't have to guest where to calculate them."

Appropriately enough, they also call it "Fib Level Calculation" too. Are they referring to their sales pitch or is it short for "Fibonacci"?

Heavy Gauge Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover BENCH GLIDER

One would think that patio furniture covers would be the last thing anybody would need at this time of year, unless you were seriously late when it came to putting everything away for autumn and winter in September. But, if you were seriously lazy and late, now's your chance. However, in light of constant news that the economy is in freefall, I think certain things like food, rent, gas, and heat sort of take precedence.


It's the ultimate tea collection on a disc. However, considering the modern view of teas in general, it's kind of hard to see how one can justify actually purchasing a whole CD-ROM filled with recipes for herbal team, especially when they're all preformulated and packaged. The ingredients lists are usually quite simplistic too, only consisting of one ingredient. TEA.

Perhaps if it were for a recipe for something like iced tea or chai tea, then maybe...but even those come premixed now.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Professional Online Trading Academy Trader DVDs Manuals

Sadly, my assigned keywords aren't allowing me to find anything that's remotely interesting, except for a bunch of books and DVDs for online trading. eBay resellers of stuff are becoming increasingly commonplace, offering a brokerage service for people who want to sell things but don't necessarily have the time to do so. I'm wondering if the same thing will apply for stocks as well?