Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Guide To Writing Library Job Descriptions: 1981 PB

Hitting a serious dry spell of amusing things to write about eBay auctions here, but I found an auction for a book entitled A Guide to Writing Library Job Descriptions. In this day and age of digital information being readily available at ones fingertips, one would think finding job descriptions for any career or occupation would be fairly easy, and of course, given the time that this book was written, it would be significantly more relevant back then.

But trying to put myself in the shoes of a reader in 1981, I'm still trying to make sense of the title. With no punctuation, the title indicates that the book will tell you how to write library job descriptions. While popular conceptions of libraries are of the old lady that shushes you when you talk too loud, the various tasks are quite varied, such as assisting in research. But, I think it's just a list of job descriptions, based on the way the title is written on the cover.




I guess graphic design and proper typography isn't included in that list.

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