Thursday, February 19, 2009


Add this alongside the spray-on toupee, the blow-up doll, the applauding crowd on CD, the DVD fireplace, and the virtual fishbowl. In a world where the real thing is increasingly harder to obtain and people's living spaces are becoming progressively smaller, people now have the opportunity to settle for significantly cheaper and less authentic.

Here, we have a DVD depicting a walking tour of the Isle of Capri, which the seller also markets as something that is alongside treadmills and ellipticals.

I would think that if it were used for exercise machines that simulate actual movement, there would be more effort to go a little bit faster, such as the POV shots of a bicycle racer or a NASCAR driver myself. But, this video is a walking tour.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Travel deals are always a nice purchase on eBay especially with the world economy being the way it is. And of course, you're always going to need your various accessories, and how else do you save money except by buying in bulk?

Okay, these bags are uglier than sin and what the heck is the average consumer going to do with 35 of them? On one hand, it's a serious deal, supposedly retailing for $800 and going for $200, but considering the lack of a brand name, it's somewhat dubious.

I mean seriously, leopard print?

1,240 results found for weight loss pills

With 1270 possible eBay results when looking for weight loss pills, it's clear that it's a multimillion dollar industry, although the onus is still on the consumer to do all the necessary research in order to make an informed decision. But unfortunately, with 1270 different auctions to sift through, finding something that's effective and permanent (and legitimate!) is a very tough call. Me, I'm all about acceptance.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Sponsored post/website review - Kenmar Watches

Not sure how my sponsors are going to react to this, but they DID ask for a review, but I have to keep it on topic with my blog too. So here goes.

Those who are going to the Kenmwar Watches website ( for Festina Watches will be greeted by a stock photo image representing a customer service representative that will be able to help them out with their purchase. While there is the option of clicking the "no thanks" part, it'll pop up with every single page you visit.

Compared to other sites, the selection is absolutely astounding, although overwhelming would be a more appropriate adjective. There are hundreds of watches to choose from, which makes finding the one you want a little intimidating.

Prices...let's just say I'm confused by the whole thing about a watch being listed as "$X-amount or less", and when you click on the item, it shows the exact amount, no less, no "or" either. And, I did find one particular product that was about $20 cheaper on eBay, even when you factor in free shipping. However, to be fair, they do offer price matching, and as well, they guarantee authenticity, which you can't guarantee on eBay.


Trash and treasure, supply and demand. Two sets of opposing ideas that are always on eBay. So, you look at a collectible item offered by Fossil Watches: an ultra-rare Fossil tin wind up figure toy.

While hardly an antique (the item is filed under there, even though the production model on this is less than a few years...or however long it takes for a watch battery to die), this is a pretty interesting item, although it suddenly evokes images of Wall-E to mind, specifically that scene where the titular robot is rummaging through trash and comes across a diamond ring in a box. He discards the diamond ring and keeps the box, demonstrating what is of value to him.

Here, the item of value should be the watch, although by itself, the watch will retail for no more than $50 or so. However, the addition of a metal tin and a mechanical wind-up toy (total value of $10 to manufacture) suddenly boosts the value to $500.