Monday, February 09, 2009


Trash and treasure, supply and demand. Two sets of opposing ideas that are always on eBay. So, you look at a collectible item offered by Fossil Watches: an ultra-rare Fossil tin wind up figure toy.

While hardly an antique (the item is filed under there, even though the production model on this is less than a few years...or however long it takes for a watch battery to die), this is a pretty interesting item, although it suddenly evokes images of Wall-E to mind, specifically that scene where the titular robot is rummaging through trash and comes across a diamond ring in a box. He discards the diamond ring and keeps the box, demonstrating what is of value to him.

Here, the item of value should be the watch, although by itself, the watch will retail for no more than $50 or so. However, the addition of a metal tin and a mechanical wind-up toy (total value of $10 to manufacture) suddenly boosts the value to $500.

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