Monday, November 15, 2010

Alli Weight Loss Pills Refill 120 Count

I'm mostly a believer in proper diet and exercise when it comes to making changes to one's body type.  I've even taken to trying out the P90X program myself, although I wouldn't necessarily judge if one wished to use weight loss pills or supplements to improve one's chances of success.  However, it is best to always do so with proper consideration and with a doctor's advice.

This is important, when you consider the side effects of a lot of things that claim to be effective. This one particular drug, Alli, works by blocking fat absorption, which sounds great, but if it's not being absorbed, it can only go in one place.  Yup, you guessed it.

medical exam table/OB/Gyn tables

While it's relatively easy to find a medical exam table on eBay, for whatever reasons, this eBay auction was the only one that I found that had actual bids on it.  While I'm not about to make assumptions about the bidders, I tend to assume that actual medical doctors will want unused, clean, and factory sterilized equipment, for which this does not necessarily qualify, unless the doctor is operating in a Médecins Sans Frontières type scenario (at which point, they'd probably get their equipment donated).

This is where I start speculating on the actual use of said item.  But I won't judge.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Acne SKIN CARE/Products/Pimple Treatment Domain

For $2500, you can be the proud owner of a domain name, "". Some marketing plans will involve buying as many possible domains as possible, like how AOL would buy ""  As to whether or not a company manufacturing and selling acne treatment products would immediately look up "".  In this tech savvy age, most of us are familiar with Google and would rather do that instead of typing in random URLs.  However, with proper SEO, one might be able to bend it to their advantage...and would probably not even bother with novelty URLs.

Justin Bieber Personalized Pillowcase Iron on Transfer

Regardless of your opinion of Canada's boy wonder musician, his face can move merchandise.  Authorized or notPersonalized gifts are available through eBay, although you can get a lot of stuff like this, which can be easily reproducible with the average home computer with Photoshop. How cheap?  They didn't bother to change the auction description, which suggests that they also sell stuff with Twilight on it.


In the age where traditional brick and mortar retailers are slowly giving away to online, we can start to see a lot more auctions like this. As far as outdoor lighting fixtures go, it will do the job for $149, although unless you're a traditional business owner, it might not suit your purposes.  It might look a little funny on your lawn.

Vintage Social Security Benefits manual 1942

Got $7.99 lying around?  If you do, you can be the proud owner of a vintage social security benefits manual.  This might have limited use to the average person who actually does have need for social security benefits. Companies such as Allsup might get you a little bit further, although their services presumably will run you slightly more than $7.99. 

For specialized buyers, it's great.  For the average Joe, not so much.