Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Farm House Sink

With this blog, I routinely see a lot of auctions for home improvement items like copper sinks. It's somewhat ironic that in their attempt to be rustic and the like by purchasing something that has a sort of antique chic as "farmhouse," yet something like this is actually quite pricey for most people.

Not for everyone, and not for someone who just likes the practical. I just want to have clean hands and clean dishes. Chances are that your house guests won't pay much heed to what your sinks look like myself, but if you're the type of person that is going to spend $1000 on your sink, I suppose your guests would.


Who would've thought that actual garage flooring was a viable product and it's something available on eBay?

Of course, if you're looking hard enough, you can find it. Given that I'm not yet a home owner, actually having a need for this product is a bit far and away (one of the life milestones that I'm a bit far away from achieving, sadly), but something like this is only for serious car enthusiasts and not for the average home owner.

My childhood memories were of a 1974 Dodge Dart that constantly leaked fluids, to the point that it was just a completely alien concept for the ground underneath any car to be clean at any given point. This product is not for people who have that memory.

24 results found for natural acne treatments

There are a lot of different results for natural acne treatments on eBay, all of which have varying levels of efficacy, some proven, some not.

While some of the treatments available may work, they don't work for everyone and the most sound advice one can get is to go to their family doctor or dermatologist for a recommendation. The old standbys of proper diet, exercise, rest, hydration, lowering stress, and proper hygiene will go a long way, but even for those that still get acne, a trip to the doctor is in order. Do that first before buying on the internet, people!

New mozy Remote Backup 30GB of secure online backup

Secure online backup is one of the options of data protection being utilized by companies these days. Off-site storage, especially encrypted, makes sense when you consider that a lack of a physical storage medium isn't necessarily subject to mechanical failure or theft.

This particular item is not without its uses, but with the amount of data on the average person's computer, 30GB gets used up really, really quickly, and this product only comes with a year subscription. The average every-day user may not see the use for this, unless they are very, VERY selective about what data they wish to keep.

Live Psychic Reading with Luella - Phone or Chat 30 min

I've always been a skeptic when it comes to this stuff...for only $29.99, you too can be the proud owner of a 30-minute live chat session with a real psychic.

The huge disclaimer on the auction does indicate that it's for "entertainment purposes only," which would seem to be there for legal reasons. Indeed, having actually sat through a psychic session, they allegedly use specific tactics such as cold reading, dictating very obvious information that could easily apply to 90% of the people they meet and tailoring what they say to you from your facial expressions.

I don't know if $29.99 is worth it for something that you could easily get from a fortune cookie, and I can think of cheaper ways to be entertained for 30 minutes.

1960 - Mobile Home Insurance ~ RV Camper Magazine AD

Filed under "One Man's Trash...", it's really easy to find a lot of things on eBay that will only appeal to an extremely limited buying public. Like, people who are really hardcore fans of RV insurance companies.

Okay, I'll bite...there will be the very rare occasion when I go into a business and as part of their decor they utilize framed images of old magazine ads, such as this one. But, in a consumer-driven world that emphasizes buying new and better and brighter, it doesn't seem quite likely that they would want to dig up the past like this.

Baba de Caracol PORTUGAL 55gr/1.8oz, ANTI WRINKLE CREAM

I'm guessing that "wrinkle cream" actually is supposed to remove wrinkles rather than promote them, but there are lots of them available on eBay. One in particular is made by Baba de Caracol, which won't necessarily retard the aging process, but has a bunch of interesting ingredients in it, like something called allantoin, a naturally occurring ingredient that comes from snails.

This is new to me. Supposely, this is intended to help with the regeneration process, as it is what allows snails to regenerate their shells. Scientific study has yet to show if allantoin will work as advertised, but at least it's no worse than what we used to use...nightshade...mercury...


With DVD sales on the way down and being replaced by more advanced (and expensive) bluray discs (I haven't made the switch yet myself), eBay is one of the many destinations to get your fix. Just read the auction carefully.

For $4.99, you can get information that you can easily Google yourself. These lists are fairly useless, given that there are already limited markups on DVD and Blu-Ray discs. In many instances, discs are being sold at a loss to the retailers, hoping to make up for it for it in sales volume and add-ons.

The sellers are essentially cranking out dollar bills in their basement, as this information is available for free and is to the average joe who wants to get a better deal on discs (want 20 copies of Paul Blart: Mall Cop?).

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Typing in "dark circles" into eBay yields a multitude of results, given that the words themselves can mean just about anything, but it's assumed that you're referring to the end result of fatigue or too much partying. And we have a winning eBay auction for that.

Since there are a multitude of cures that claim to work for this condition, this one goes on to rag on those expensive treatments, but doesn't do much to instill confidence in the product either. From the auction:

"Here is a old family recipe/formula that works! It makes no sense for you to keep throwing away good, hard earned money on high cost products that do not produce results! Who has the time or money for that?

While I don't offer any guarantees that it will work for you, I really don't see why it wouldn't!"

I think I'll just stick with a healthy lifestyle and plenty of sleep, thank you.

Xanax,Viagra,Ambien,Cipro,Soma,Zocor,Adipex Discount

With only minimal knowledge of the American healthcare system, I can really only speculate on the usefulness of this. In Canada, prescription drug costs have a reputation for being considerably lower than their American counterparts, which probably explains the Simpsons episode in which Homer becomes a drug smuggler for Canadian prescription drugs.

So, when I see a citizen's drug card being offered on eBay, I guess it's a good thing, but the seller is promoting the idea that it can be used to purchase more "fun" medications such as Viagra or the adipex diet pill. While I don't doubt that they have their uses, but shouldn't pharmacare and subsidized health care go towards things that people kinda need to function on a daily basis, like their insulin shots and cancer drugs?

Monday, November 02, 2009

Amish fireplace

eBay can be truly educational, and so can this blog. When I first heard of Amish fireplaces, given my knowledge of low-tech communities, if one were to obtain one, it would be equally low-tech. And wouldn't you know what they have on eBay...

The idea behind this is that it's semi-portable electric fireplace (ie: one that is not permanently part of the building). All of the auctions do indicate that at least ONE part of it was created by the Amish, specifically the mantles. Given their lack of reliance on technology, in the event of a infrastructure-disrupting disaster, the Amish will be able to continue on without interference. But, they won't have much of a market for mantles for Amish fireplaces.

How to Carve Folk Figures and a Cigar-Store Indian

With the surgeon general warnings, getting good discount cigars may not necessarily be a thing of the past, but here's something that definitely is.

This auction is for a book, How to Carve Folk Figures and a Cigar-Store Indian. This book is cover-dated 1979 and highly indicative of cultural standards of the time, before terms like "Native American" and "First Nations Person" were the more commonly accepted nomenclature. Suddenly, I'm thinking of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer brings home a cigar store Indian into the Jerry's apartment, and suddenly he's fending off accusations that he's racist to a girl he's dating, who also happens to be Native American.

Because of our highly PC times, anything that can irritate cultural sensitivities will be tough to find in traditional retail outlets (unless the intend is to offend), which makes things like these a true rarity. However, I leave it up to you whether you consider it offensive.