Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TEAR AID RV Camper Awning PVC Vinyl Hole Repair Patch B

If you're looking to RV repairs, it's probably best left to the professionals.  However, sometimes that's not always an option, especially if you're half-way through a camping trip out in the middle of the sticks, with no repair shop within a short driving distance.

For that, there is emergency stuff like this.  I'd probably go the Red Green route and just employ duct tape due to its millions of uses, although this is recommended as a more long-term solution rather than a quick fix.  Still, worth a look.

Monday, July 19, 2010

1953 Kent Cigarette Micronite (asbestos) filter TEST Ad

Finding a Mesothelioma lawyer has become a fairly large business on the Internet, although it hasn't quite reached eBay yet.  But for a truly morbid twist, there's one enterprising eBay seller who has a 1953 ad up for sale.

This is a slightly chilling reminder of what we didn't know 60 years ago, or people knew and didn't bother telling anybody about it. And back then, it was decided that it was a good idea to put asbestos in cigarette filters. As if smoking isn't bad enough, now you gotta go ahead and add another carcinogen to the mix.  Thanks, guys.

NEW Valeo Dual Ab Wheel Workout Equipment Gym 2-DAYSHIP

It can be largely agreed that a good exercise routine has a lot of variety and doesn't need a ton of fancy equipment.  With ab workouts being one of the most popular training areas, simplicity is always good.

I like this one myself, although it takes a while to build up to use it properly.  I saw a fancier version of one of these at a mall kiosk, but it was almost too complex (ie: it looked like it was more likely to break).  The guy at the booth demonstrated the exercise while on his knees, although I saw something a different version with straight legs.  I mention seeing Jackie Chan doing it in a movie once (Rumble in the Bronx, if I'm not mistaken), to which the guy responds, "I once saw him jump off a building, but I'm not going to do that too."

Good point.

COUPON for Electronic Cigarette Kit Ecig E Cigarette !

For those looking to quit smoking, there's now the option of the electronic cigarette, which allows users to get their nicotine hit without a lung full of carcinogens.  After doing some quick reading on it, it sounds like a really good idea, although a lot of organizations aren't completely convinced, such as the World Health Organization and Health Canada, who state that it's not really a smoking cessation aid, although it may serve as harm reduction.

eBay still considers it a tobacco product, and hence selling similar products is a violation of the TOS.  So, the best people can get is a coupon.  Here in Canada, these are banned for sale, but if you're American, smoke 'em if you got 'em!