Monday, July 19, 2010

NEW Valeo Dual Ab Wheel Workout Equipment Gym 2-DAYSHIP

It can be largely agreed that a good exercise routine has a lot of variety and doesn't need a ton of fancy equipment.  With ab workouts being one of the most popular training areas, simplicity is always good.

I like this one myself, although it takes a while to build up to use it properly.  I saw a fancier version of one of these at a mall kiosk, but it was almost too complex (ie: it looked like it was more likely to break).  The guy at the booth demonstrated the exercise while on his knees, although I saw something a different version with straight legs.  I mention seeing Jackie Chan doing it in a movie once (Rumble in the Bronx, if I'm not mistaken), to which the guy responds, "I once saw him jump off a building, but I'm not going to do that too."

Good point.

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