Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nokia Prepaid Cellphone-New

I'm suddenly thinking that either this seller of stuff either wasn't paying enough attention when addressing his settings when writing his item description or eBay simply doesn't allow the option of "out of the box, unused", as the description describes one of the many prepaid cell phones available on eBay as being "new, never opened."

The photo does clearly depict it being opened (and yes, the description does address this as well).  I recognize this as the cell phone I had back in 2004 and he's selling it for $7. He might be better off selling it on Craigslist, given the age of the item.

14pc TUXEDO LOT-3 Coats, 3 Pants, 2 Vest, 2 CB, 4 Ties

This item is for 14 pieces of wedding attire, including various jackets, tuxedo vest or two, pants, etc.  The seller is moving items that were originally available for rent, which is a lot more benign than some of the other reasons people are selling wedding stuff on eBay, such as if the marriage ended in divorce.

Stories like this are really sad and always reinforce how really tough it is for couples to make it, period.  People sell their wedding dresses to rid themselves of the painful memories, usually at a fraction of a fraction of what they originally paid, all of which underscores how ridiculously expensive weddings are for everything - hall rental, jewelry, gifts, feeding of guests...and when you spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, the divorce that can follow is even more expensive.

HOME THEATER SEATING from Radio City Music Hall in NYC

Got $349 burning a hole in your paypal account?  You too can be the proud owner of authentic home theater seating taken straight from Radio City Music Hall in New York.

Considering that $349 only buys you a single seat and you can get a whole couch for maybe a little more, it's not the best value for most people. And indeed, flaunting your wealth by having actual theater like seating in your home won't earn you a lot of friends either. But, to get to own a piece of one of the world's famous performance venues, is worthwhile in and of itself.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Custom make 12" Steve Mcqueen nude figure

In honour of the late Steve McQueen, who would've celebrated his birthday just a couple of days ago, what would be the more perfect way to commemorate one of the coolest actors of all time than with a nude action figure in his likeness.

Okay, to be fair, the face is a pretty accurate likeness, and out of respect they didn't make him anatomically correct. But, considering his image, couldn't the guy have made clothes for him, like say as Frank Bullit or Thomas Crown?

I wonder if Steve McQueen didn't develop Mesothelioma Cancer and was still alive today, he would enjoy the same level of success of actors in his age group such as Sean Connery.

16psNew BODY PIERCING Starter Kit,Hemostat SPONGE CLAMP

I always get a little bothered by stuff like this, especially when it pertains to human health and the like.  This particular item is a body piercing equipment package, including things like clamps, forceps, and scissors.  The idea of body piercing doesn't bother me as much (I've chosen not to undergo the process), but it's the fact that it's something that involves exposure to bodily fluids and requires a lot of understanding and knowledge to do the job properly.  To sell something like this on eBay really trivializes the amount of knowledge that is required for the job.

If I were to suddenly develop an interest in body piercing, I'd be weary of being on the receiving end of a piercing tool starter set, unless the practitioner had the experience.

NEW Vitamin B-6 Metabolism in Pregnancy, Lactation, ... Item condition: Brand New

Whether you're looking for the best pregnancy vitamins or just looking to kill small house pests, this item has it all for you.

The relatively high price for a hardcover book strongly suggests that this is a reference text, or at least the kind that would be assigned as required reading for a university level course.  I will say this about the item, though...whereas today's university students can look forward to their material being outdated following their course (ensuring that their books will have no value during the textbook buy-back), it looks like this book is still current.

Just make sure you have more than $300 ready go to.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

General Insurance Company - BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE

Looking for a western general auto insurance review on eBay is pretty fruitless, as it's way too specific to find anything useful. Usually, when I'm looking up anything to do with insurance companies, the best I can find are vintage print ads and giveaways from insurance agents (branded paperweights, calendars, etc.).

So, I ended up with's a business template.

This is from Einstein Consulting, which does up business plans for all types of small and large businesses. Given the difficulties that are associated with developing one's business, their use of a well known deceased figure to promote them opens up a few questions about copyright. However, given that they didn't "create" this brand, it could reflect on their business practices.

How to save 30% on Auto and Home insurance (free quote)

eBay certainly does have its limits, especially when it comes to certain things like life insurance. You won't be able to find a life insurance quote, but you can find weird and random stuff like this item here.

It's a postcard that this guy got in the mail and he's selling it for 98 cents. He goes on to say that it has prices listed on the back. Considering that he's shown us most of the information that we need in the product shot (especially the website that one is supposed to go to get the insurance quote), he saved us 98 cents. Thanks, dude!

PANDIGITAL 8" Digital Photo Picture Frame DPF80-2 As-Is

A digital frame is a nice little decorative option for a lot of people, especially since it can show a complete slideshow of images. Mind you, once the digital dark age hits, you might be wishing that you had old school film prints.

But, like any discerning customer, one should always do their homework and get the best value for their money. And not get this.

For manufacturers of dirt cheap electronics, it's been a known practice to name them after vaguely similar names to pre-existing names (Saony, Sumsang, and in this case, Pandigital), but not only that, this thing is pretty much broken. According to the auction, it's missing the power supply and it has lines running through the screen. And the guy STILL wants $14.99 for it.

Given the disposable nature of electronics, the repair by far outweighs replacement costs and only for very specific applications will this be useful.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

RHUMATOL Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Naturally

Finding a viable treatment for rheumatoid arthritis should probably be done under the supervision of a doctor, as opposed to blindly popping pills for stuff like this.

With a starting bid of $67 for 60 pills, you are looking at over a dollar per pill and they don't even tell you what's in it. The eBay auction just reads as an extended sales pitch and attempts to debunk modern medicine.

Given the things that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers have to go through, the least they can receive is a little honesty.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Compression garment for men reducing belly Fat burner

The sad part about this particular item is that it actually comes up when you type in "fat burners for men."

I'm probably the last person to comment about how a person should look, and indeed, this item does have practical applications that go beyond the cosmetic, namely back support and...that's just about it. IT'S A GIRDLE FOR MEN, PEOPLE!

Supposedly, this will help accelerate weight loss, but only if you actually put in the effort, such as diet and exercise.


If you're looking for the best cholesterol treatment, be sure that you read the auction carefully to avoid disappointment.

Growing up in a household where my father had hypertension and my mom had high cholesterol, I was taught proper eating and cooking habits, especially when they started pounding out all this stuff about saturated fats being bad for us. And then they found out that hydrogenated fats were worse for us. And now, we're supposed to put them in our HAIR?!

This looks to be some sort of fancy conditioner, although it may be flammable, as the auction says to keep away from open flame. It also says, "For external use only."


After seeing this particular gem on eBay, I'm tempted to go see if I can find it at the local Daiso, which is a Japanese $2 store in Richmond BC.

It's always a challenge to learn what are the best weight loss pills, and the description for this particular item isn't really giving me much faith with the product. How is what the description calls "green algae" going to help one lose weight faster? It's algae.

Alternately, my theory is that they're saying that it works for Japanese people. Given the tendency for Asians to be smaller than the average North America, OF COURSE it'll work. If you're Asian and skinny anyway.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Rare Career Success/Find A Job Spell from Ancient Genie

Now how did this seller get their rating so high?

For those looking to find a job, you're not going to find one on eBay. That doesn't stop some snake oil salesmen from trying to dupe the desperate, especially in this economy. For $5.99, you can have someone wish on a genie to have you grant you your wish of getting a job within the next 90 days.

On the plus side, they're offering a 90 day money back guarantee if you don't see any results. But, I'm thinking that they're banking on people to be too embarrassed to pursue refunds.