Sunday, March 14, 2010

PANDIGITAL 8" Digital Photo Picture Frame DPF80-2 As-Is

A digital frame is a nice little decorative option for a lot of people, especially since it can show a complete slideshow of images. Mind you, once the digital dark age hits, you might be wishing that you had old school film prints.

But, like any discerning customer, one should always do their homework and get the best value for their money. And not get this.

For manufacturers of dirt cheap electronics, it's been a known practice to name them after vaguely similar names to pre-existing names (Saony, Sumsang, and in this case, Pandigital), but not only that, this thing is pretty much broken. According to the auction, it's missing the power supply and it has lines running through the screen. And the guy STILL wants $14.99 for it.

Given the disposable nature of electronics, the repair by far outweighs replacement costs and only for very specific applications will this be useful.

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