Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Work From Home Learn How to SELL BABY CLOTHES Ebay Info

Because yes, last I checked, baby clothes was really a growth industry.

Considering how fast babies tend to grow, it may not be in anyone's best interest to get clothing for children on eBay, unless they are trying to plan ahead and anticipate how big their kids will be by the time that the clothing arrives. But, this person wants to sell their secrets as to how one can be successful at selling baby clothes.

But, on the plus side, it very much appears to be SORTA legitimate, but really, how hard is it to just do the damn research? Like, really?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bulletproof backpack

Maybe this is something that a bag manufacturer like Ogio can get behind, but pretty cool nonetheless. Or pretty scary. You know that something is really messed up in our society when there exists a market for an item like this.

It's a backpack with a built-in ballistics panel, so it's designed to protect the user, although the seller admits that it might not be the best form of protection for school/random violence.

Considering that kids carry huge books in their backpacks, there's a good chance that a few textbooks will be sufficient to stop a bullet, so it's a bit of a redundant feature. The seller goes onto describe the way it could be used, although the target product user will not necessarily be thinking of this if a classmate decides that he/she can't take it anymore.

Nice idea, but are we trying to protect our kids or just make them paranoid?


Hey, it looks like you CAN buy anything on eBay.

Looking for term life insurance quotes? Look no further. However, the auction in question doesn't seem to be an actual auction, as the seller doesn't actually appear to be using eBay to sell a tangible product or service. As it stands, it says "free quotes."

I guess it's much cheaper than web hosting, if you're using eBay to broadcast a different service that isn't for sale through eBay, although I can't shake the feeling that this too violates eBay's terms and conditions.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Make Money Kevin Spacey Free Movie Click Here!!

The keywords "click here" will yield a lot of different searches on eBay, ranging from art to cheap sunglasses. And then there was this one.

I don't really know what to make of it at all. It doesn't appear to be selling a particular product, only giving a link where it shows you the trailer to Pay it Forward, and then tries to sell you on a program of some sort that promises to generate income. Like, a lot.

I really don't know if this auction violates the eBay Terms of Service agreement, although it probably does. It's not selling an actual product and is mostly a launch pad for a get rich quick scheme. But I think you already knew it was a scam the second you looked at it...

But hey, we can almost turn our computers into ATMs. Sign me up!

Home Theater Chairs Movie Theater Seating Cinema Film

Discount home theater seating is something in high demand, but one look at this guy's auction and it looks like he took it one step further.

Compared to all of the other items you see when you look for home theater seating, they usually show stuff that would not look out of place within a posh home with a large plasma screen TV. But these very much appear to have been forcibly removed from an actual movie cinema, or at least salvaged from where a movie theater closed down. They even still have the bottom sections where you're supposed to bolt them to the floor.

The only thing the items are missing are wads of chewing gum stuck to the bottom.


With space age technology and poor categorization, the same material in a memory foam mattress can now be used as a meditation cushion.

I guess when an eBay seller wants to promote their product, they're going to want to make sure that it has as much cross market appeal as possible. So, they start marketing to the religious crowd. Yes, this product is categorized under "Everything Else" and "Religious Products and Supplies."

The interesting thing is that yoga in the Western world isn't all that religious. As it stands, yoga mats are actually quite thin. Come to think of it, shouldn't the image show an imprint of somebody's butt?


Whether you're looking for a Bluetooth headset or any other type of accessory for your cell phone, PDA, or Blackberry, you can easily find it on eBay. And if you're looking for wholesale lists which have artificially high monetary values, you can also find them on eBay.

This particularly enterprising eBayer is selling wholesaler lists of mobile communications accessories (PDA, Bluetooth, cellphones, etc.). Directly quoted from the auction:

"This information is not missing leading and is worth every penny. I have bought a wholesale list before on eBay and learned the hard way. They just fill it with basic garbage with links to thousands and thousands sites with non-wholesale prices and run with your money. Basically its delete and so is the user by eBay. Anyways, this information is so nice that I even use the sources from all my equipment!!"

Most will want to steer clear of these, even more so when you check the guy's artificially high feedback rating. Every single one of his positive feedbacks are for "private auctions," which is a bright red flag. That, and this guy's grammar frickin' sucks.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Piece of my brain! Plus 2CT Diamond Wedding Ring! MORE!

Probably one of the more entertaining entries for diamond rings that you'll see on eBay, this seller's story seems somewhat familiar for those who track weird auctions like this.

This person is claiming to be selling a piece of their brain. Obviously, according to eBay's terms and conditions, this can't be allowed, so the automated software (or not, I don't know how smart this stuff is when it comes to categorizing auctions) shut it down previously. Of course, the seller is actually attempting to sell all the related memories of a bitter divorce, which includes the engagement ring. This does appear to be legit, though, as there is documentation from an jewelry appraisal, and has thus already garnered 40 bids. Although this may be more due to the notoriety that the auction has gained, as it has already been featured on several other sites that track odd eBay auctions.

It appears to be a reverse of another infamous auction from way back, in which an embittered man was selling his ex-wife's wedding dress, which also got him a fair amount of attention (as well as a few wedding proposals).