Sunday, September 19, 2010

100% Legal Brazilian Extreme Diet Energy Pills 18+ ONLY

Calling themselves "Brazilian Extreme Diet Energy Pills", I can't say if it's the best diet pills for women. Actually, it seems a little intimidating, when it claims to promote mind-stimulating euphoria.  Even more frightening is that there is no indicator to what's in it, whether it's stimulating like caffeine or it has an appetite suppressant of any sort.

The fact that they're bragging about the likelihood of their product getting taken off the market for being potentially hazardous also raises a few flags.

Chocolait a l' orange John Abate Dark Tanning Lotion

I was asked to write about tanning lotions, and as much as it's my mandate to try to find funny and interesting eBay auctions, the first thing I thought of was whatever bronzer they use on Jersey Shore in order to induce the whole "whorange" look.

Alas, I found nothing.  The closest thing I could find with those keywords was this. It's meant to accelerate the tanning process, so I can't say it's really a health promoting product, as it doesn't offer UV protection, but UV acceleration.  But, for those that wanna live fast, die young?  It's perfect.


When I think of "gh sprays", I think in terms of human growth hormone.  I'm not at liberty to discuss the possible health and legal implications of these products, as they are not all subject to FDA testing and regulations, although ones derived from natural substances can bypass Canadian health regulations.  And here's a product that will definitely pass Canadian health regulations.

Surprisingly, this is for your plants. But, this is sort of a unique product and they don't tell you what's in it. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Find Phentermine Online . com - diet pills website

As phentermine is one of the few diet drugs on the market that are proven to work with minimal side effects (so far), one would figure that it'd be a highly sought after item on eBay.  But not without a doctor's prescription, as there seems to be a lot of things that are a domain name.

Given that it has some chemical similarities to methamphetamine, it's a controlled substance in many jurisdictions.  And thus, probably not something that's easy to obtain on eBay.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hoodia Power-Pops, Energy, Weight Loss,Appetite Control

Those looking to get some app├ętit control have a lot of options on eBay.  Most of them have very little scientific backing...actually, I don't think any of the ones I found have any sort of scientific backing, especially those claiming to contain hoodia gordonii.  If you happen to have $70 burning a hole in your PayPal account, you can always go for the option of eating candy to lose weight.

Sounds promising, until you read that hoodia gordonii doesn't pass the blood brain barrier, and these candy pops contain sugar and corn syrup, the latter of which has been implicated in metabolic syndrome and obesity.  Your choice, folks.


As holidays tend to be commercialized in the mainstream, I wonder what observers of secular holidays such as Yom Kuppur and Hanukah have to go through.  Certainly Red Envelope hanukah items could fill the bill, but will go a long way to reaching the crass commercialism of Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Those looking for something truly unique could go for something like this, but most would be hard pressed to come up with that much cash for something like this. 

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

2 DVDs : Vault of Horror + Sexy Girls Slideshow

File under ghetto.  This guy is selling DVD slideshows, on home-burned commercial DVDRs. 

The seller claims that the material is in public domain, although that is debatable, considering the film The Vault of Horror was made in the 70s, whereas the bulk of films in the public domain are pre-1950s.

So far, they've attracted ONE bid.  ONE.  For one cent.

Sony VAIO VGN-FS550 *LAPTOP-for parts/repair**

The Sony VAIO is a pretty solid machine overall, but like all commodity electronics, it's subject to wear and tear and breaking.  So, it makes sense that eBay is a spot for people to hawk their no-longer functional laptops for parts in order to cut their losses. 

This thing is pretty beat up as it is, but obviously, the guy can't sell it for full price.  Interestingly enough, though, is that he's up to 11 bids, which will definitely go up as the auction reaches deadline.  Given that any piece of electronics will be worth more in parts than fully assembled, getting them for cheap is always a good thing.

I just wonder why the seller felt the need to copy and paste the full description from the Sony website, though.  It's not like the buyers are going to care about features.  They just want to make sure that it's the correct model number.

Wholesale Lots= 100 VGA SVGA Y Splitter Cable Adapter

This is when you're just getting plain greedy.  For very specialized buyers, wholesale lots can be great when you need a hundred of one single item.  But when the item is something that's of limited use?

This guy is selling 100 SVGA y-splitter cables.  This is what allows you to get your video signal to travel to two separate monitors.  And if you want, you can buy TEN of them.  That's right, folks. 1000 SVGA y-splitters.

As the signal going through opposite ends of a y-splitter is identical (and may suffer from degradation), it's not going to give you the benefit of dual-screen, and it's not exactly HD.  And you'd have to be a very, VERY specialized business in order to need 100 of an older piece of tech.