Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Wholesale Lots= 100 VGA SVGA Y Splitter Cable Adapter

This is when you're just getting plain greedy.  For very specialized buyers, wholesale lots can be great when you need a hundred of one single item.  But when the item is something that's of limited use?

This guy is selling 100 SVGA y-splitter cables.  This is what allows you to get your video signal to travel to two separate monitors.  And if you want, you can buy TEN of them.  That's right, folks. 1000 SVGA y-splitters.

As the signal going through opposite ends of a y-splitter is identical (and may suffer from degradation), it's not going to give you the benefit of dual-screen, and it's not exactly HD.  And you'd have to be a very, VERY specialized business in order to need 100 of an older piece of tech. 

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