Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Portable Lap Notebook Computer Table Laptop Desk Stand

This auction in particular is for computer desks, more specifically for laptop computers. While image hosting on the seller's auction page prevents me from posting images from his auction, there are a few things that don't make sense, specifically when his auction states that photo #7 does not depict the item in question, yet on the main page (not on the brief item header), there are only 6 photos.

Selling Used Books Online complete guide to bookselling

Who would've thought, that they would actually have a textbook that would tell you how to sell your used textbooks online? I'm just wondering if this is the seller of this item is finally done with this item and now needs to sell it to someone else.

Purchasing your school materials online has become a great alternate method to the university bookstore, especially when they are known to gouge students for whatever they can get. Book buy back at the end of the semester is the biggest heartbreak, especially when they decide to change editions (even though the content differences are only superficial) and hence your $200+ textbook is only worth $20. Biggest rip off I ever encountered was when the teacher had us purchase extra course materials that weren't even used in class. Insult came when the teacher condescendingly suggested that it would be our summer reading. Jerk.

5 results found for Leptorexin [ Save this searchSaved toMy eBay. ]

LeptoRexin is another diet pill that is popular on eBay and all over the internet, but nowhere else. Much like Orovo, there is very little legitimate information that did NOT come from the original company that makes it. Even the Yahoo Answers page has one person asking if it's a good product, yet the only answers are sourced from the LeptoRexin website. Me, I'm a firm believer in just getting off the couch and putting down the chips. But, your mileage may vary.

85 results found for orovo [ Save this searchSaved toMy eBay. ]

I don't know if there's anything left to say about Orovo at this point. As per my sponsor agreement, I am to write about this product in this blog, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult. However, there are still a zillion available auctions on eBay for it, and despite that, nobody seems to know anything about the product. There isn't even an entry for the product in Wikipedia.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Term Life Insurance. 5 year 10 year 15yr 20yr 30yr

Surely enough, "term life insurance" is available on eBay. Or, at least a way that you can get it...

As of late, eBay is turning into a place for low-cost webspace, as this seems to be the sole purpose of this eBay auction, as a gateway to another website. The purpose of this auction is not to sell any sort of tangible good or service, but to advertise. eBay seriously needs a way to flag auctions like these.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2.62ct Princess Cut Engagement/Wedding Ring Set

With the economic crunch affecting the way we live, Christmas has been especially lean for many people (although the Nintendo Wii is still hard to find), and with that major spending holiday out of the way, we're now looking at Valentine's Day. Which brings about the topic of engagement rings.

The benchmark is supposedly 3 months salary for a diamond engagement ring (according to the DeBeers ads), but for under $100, you can get a diamond ring that isn't cubic zirconium. These are interesting, as they are virtually indistinguishable from natural diamonds, and can be superior in some respects. However, they're also significantly less expensive, costing no more than a tenth of the value of a similar natural diamond.

Why are synthetic diamonds such a bad thing? It's not like Africans are dying for them.