Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 results found for blackberry plants

This one is a little bit curious of an auction, considering that blackberry plants themselves aren't in particularly high demand (in that they aren't items that are being bid on, as opposed to the "buy it now option"), but the seeds for them are gathering more bids.

This is interesting to me as the blackberry is considered an invasive plant species, and have been known to thrive in odd locations, mostly suburban, and not really in people's gardens.

Handcrafted Putter Display Rack, Ping,Scotty Cameron...

Inventive use of keywords is somewhat effective way to generate interest in your item. In this case, this seller is trying to move a series of hand-crafted putter display racks. But, despite the presence of brand names such as "Ping Golf" and "Scotty Cameron" in the item keywords, the product being sold has absolutely nothing to do with those brands. The seller even clearly states, "This is not a Ping or Scotty Cameron product."

If people are doing this, why even bother with search keywords?


While installing things like bar faucets in your home entertainment area or kitchen, they usually try to make it as easy as possible for the DIYer. However, many a frustrated wife knows the experience of their handyman husband having their own Tim Taylor moment, and the frustration that comes with it...holes punched in drywall, fuses blown, wrong walls knocked down...

DIY handymen, we salute you. For those trying to find an appropriate gift, there is another first aid kit. OR, this.

Described by the seller as something to take your stress out on, it even has a poem inscribed on the back:

"Being a PLUMBER can be hectic,
Sometimes stressful without a doubt.
Here's a little dammit doll,
You cannot do without.
Just grab it anywhere you like,
And as you soundly slam it,
Release all of your frustrations,
By yelling, "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!"

The seller has an entire line of these for just about every line of work possible. However, I don't think it'd be the ideal present for surgeon, especially if they are to bring this into the operating room.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


This is the second time that I've been asked to write about UGG boots, and I can't find anything particularly funny or interesting about them on eBay, although there are something like a hundred or so listings for these boots that have become really popular after being spotted on celebs. I did some quick research on Wikipedia and found this little entry...

"They somehow managed, despite their appearance, to gain popularity among girls in the United States and Europe."

Hmm...fairly judgemental statement on an encyclopedic entry?

Waterfall Games

Okay, It Came From The (e)Bay takes a different tone and talks about an eBay store which I found to have very helpful customer service and some of the best communication I've ever had with eBay.

This is Waterfall Games, an eBay seller of all things geeky and dorky. Of course, I am saying that as a good thing, as I have recently developed an interest in old-school RPG gaming, where you build characters and act them out, and then make actions based on your statistics and character sheets. Completely dorky, yes. I'm currently playing an assassin in Vampire: The Masquerade, which I'm enjoying.

I came across Waterfall Games when developing an interest in Heroes: Unlimited, which is currently in its second edition. These guys sell books well under list price (around 30% off, depending on the title). With a good selection, pricing, and FREE SHIPPING, there's not much you could ask for. But remember, they only ship to American eBay users.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beating Up On Debt Collectors By Richard Cornforth 4.0

Although one could easily avoid the wrath of debt collection agencies if they just PAID THEIR FRICKIN' BILLS ON TIME, in this day and age, facing them is an unfortunate reality for some people. While they are often viewed as predatory, when a company's bottom line is dependent on whether or not they are actually PAID, from their perspective, it's kind of important.

But, someone wrote a book called Beating up on Debt Collectors, one Richard Luke Comforth. Perhaps this might help in today's economy?

Then I took a look on Amazon to see if the book is available. Surely it is, but it's not written with a cheesy 3D font on a spiral bound notebook. Is this guy breaking the law by selling copyrighted material on eBay?

Sorry, Recession Funny T-shirts Gifts For Christmas

If you're looking for funny t shirts on eBay, you can probably do much worse than this one.

Me, I don't really see much humour value in this one, although economic turmoil is a current reality, whether we want to believe it or not. However, when you're in the unemployment line or waiting to receive your UI benefits...I can probably think of better ways to spend your money.