Sunday, December 07, 2008

Waterfall Games

Okay, It Came From The (e)Bay takes a different tone and talks about an eBay store which I found to have very helpful customer service and some of the best communication I've ever had with eBay.

This is Waterfall Games, an eBay seller of all things geeky and dorky. Of course, I am saying that as a good thing, as I have recently developed an interest in old-school RPG gaming, where you build characters and act them out, and then make actions based on your statistics and character sheets. Completely dorky, yes. I'm currently playing an assassin in Vampire: The Masquerade, which I'm enjoying.

I came across Waterfall Games when developing an interest in Heroes: Unlimited, which is currently in its second edition. These guys sell books well under list price (around 30% off, depending on the title). With a good selection, pricing, and FREE SHIPPING, there's not much you could ask for. But remember, they only ship to American eBay users.

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