Sunday, December 30, 2007

EverHEALTHY Colon Cleanse Digest Detox : Lose Weight!*

Hey, it's this guy again!

While there is something to the health claims involved, I'm really hesitant to recommend colon cleanse products on eBay, especially when the seller is almost trying to discourage feedback ratings by keeping the sale as "private." I mean, what is the purpose of that? Why is something like this something that one should be embarrassed about buying? It's not like they're buying adult material on eBay.

But, on the plus side, they got rid of that really unappealing image of that really big fat guy.

Now a word from our sponsor: Inogen One

Inogen One manufactures portable oxygen concentrators for special needs patients requiring additional oxygen supply. These can include emphysema patients and seniors. Lightweight and portable, this is easier to cart around as it does not require the use of bulky (and potentially flammable) oxygen tanks.

Elderly patients may find use for this product, as may athletes, smokers, or people who don't get enough fresh air. Just remember that our bloodstream has a maximum absorption point of oxygen.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


You want light fixtures? This guy has 'em.

Pretty much guaranteed to break both your back and your bank, these things are 3 feet tall and if you can believe from the auction header, HEAVY.

Interestingly enough, the person doesn't include an actual shipping price for this item. He doesn't even indicate how much it weighs, except for HEAVY. But for the hefty price of $6000, he's aiming this towards those who actually have churches. Considering that the clergy is supposed to take vows of poverty, how can they usually afford something like this?

But then, when I recall my Catholic school days, the parish pastor sure did drive a nice car.


With Christmas just around the corner, good luck on getting stuff shipped to you on time. But, for the diver in your family, a technomarine watch would make a really nice gift. But if you don't like that person that much, there are other options. Like this.

Having done my first attempt at an eBay auction a few weeks back (no bids, no takers), it's hard to do much when you only have one picture to work with (after that, they charge ya). But, when you have a little more capital and a lot more items to sell, you can do whatever the heck you want. But this guy actually went to the trouble of photographing all of the notes when he could've just wrote out the description.

Friday, December 14, 2007

LEATHER DOG COSTUME dog paws with matching hood MASK

Dog supplies are one of the biggest expenses of pet ownership, but if you know where to shop, you can easily cut your prices down. Or, if you're one of those people with way too much money on your hand, you can get anything from fancy jewelry to clothes for your pet. Considering that it's getting cold out, that might not be such a bad idea.

Except when I came across this. A frickin' LEATHER DOG COSTUME.

I have full respect for the community and believe that whatever people do behind closed doors is their own business, as long as it's consensual and nobody is really getting hurt. But somehow, I can't shake the suspicion that real self-respecting members of the BDSM community wouldn't actually dress their dog up like this. I dunno...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get Government Grant Coffee and Espresso Machines Info

It's the equivalent of spam on eBay, these endless streams of "information products" which promise a lot for things that you can get for free on the Internet. But this one in particular is allowing you to get government grants for purchasing espresso machines.

This one in particular is a little bit alarming. If this is a virtual item, why is he charging shipping? Last I checked, e-mail was FREE.

Government grant information is not hard to find if you just LOOK.

Frontier Hotel Dice LasVegas Old Logo Hughes Not Cancel

On the occasions I've gone to casinos, I've made a point of grabbing a free deck of cards. Casinos have policies about rotating out decks of cards and dice so that they can't be manipulated, allowing gamblers to cheat. So, when you have items that are essentially given out for free, especially from a LasVegas hotel, one of the gambling capitals, why does it sell for so much?

This guy is selling a set of dice, which you can get for free from any casino. But, the seller does indicate that they haven't been "canceled" (I'm assuming that means pulled out of circulation). The words "trash" and "treasure" are coming to mind all of a sudden.

(New 101 Tips To Lose Weight) Free SH + Resell ($59.99)

If you want to get back into shape, eBay has everything that you need...strength equipment, supplements, exercise clothes, and motivational videos. And then they have eBooks for information that you can easily get for free all over the Internet.

The seller makes huge promises, although losing 10 pounds is NOT HARD. By now, everybody should know that the first 10 pounds of weight loss in every weight loss program is the easiest, and then after that, it becomes difficult. But, when you have all these people out there preying on the insecurities of the general public...

And what the heck are they talking about resell value? How can this be a $59.99 value when you can get this information for free from the local library?


For the equestrian on your gift buying list, you can get horse riding apparel, horseback riding lessons, or even a whole horse. Or, you can get this.

The seller doesn't seem to know the origins of this item in particular, although indicates that there are a lot of contradictions within the item itself. An inverted horse shoe, meaning bad luck, but saying "good luck" on it, and then putting in an inverted pentagram, which is the opposite of a Satanic symbol.

It's hard to put a value on something like this, unless you have expertise in this area, but somehow, I don't see it being worth the opening bid of $80. It's not even made of anything's brass.

Cow String Light Set/indoor/outdoor/Party/Vet/Dorm room

You want tacky? eBay has tacky. You could probably do much better in the ways of outdoor lighting, but if you want stung up lights that vaguely resemble glow-in-the-dark cows, eBay has them.

It would've been kinda nice if they were out of the package so you could see what they actually look like, and as it is, this little picture looks a little bit nondescript and random, so it's kind of a hard sell. But, considering that eBay usually charges you for every extra image, I'm guessing that they couldn't exactly spring for it.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

MAILBOX DECORATION Replacement Alert Flag COW farm

When only parts break on your stuff, it's always nice to know that parts are relatively easy to come by. But the fact that they sell replacement alert flags for your mailboxes? Having grew up in a household where mail was delivered through a slot, mailboxes were something that I only seen on television and movies, usually on shows where tacky mailboxes are targets of vandalism. These would involve scenes where you got some guy standing in the back of a pickup truck with a baseball bat.

With that in mind, why is the replacement of an alert such a big deal? If the entire mailbox is toast, wouldn't you get a new one anyway? If someone were to go to all the trouble, why steal just the flag?

Monday, December 03, 2007

200 BUTTERFLY Wedding Silk Rose Flower Petals-Brown

I'm running on empty here, and still no interesting things to write about on eBay. But, yet again, I've found another example that very much illustrates how overinflated shipping prices are on eBay. This eBay seller is selling silk wedding flowers for the low price of 1 cent. However, shipping is $6.95.

If the seller is willing to take a loss on the item by selling it ridiculously below cost, you know that they're definitely making it up for it on shipping. Shipping a small package like this should not cost more than a couple of bucks.


Here again, I'm playing grammar cop when I don't find anything weird or interesting on eBay. But, what is interesting to note is that the seller of this particular item claims to have "closed captioning." This would seem to imply that there is some sort of display on the actual remote that would allow you to read the closed captions on a television program, or it would magically grant your TV the actual function.

While I do realize that they need to sell their stuff, and when the entire TV goes toast, chances are that they want to salvage as much as they can to recoup their losses, which probably explains why the TV remote is still there but there isn't a TV.

Note that this isn't actually a universal remote, as it only has enough functionality for one device, namely the television itself. You are probably better off with a universal remote, unless you have the very specific TV that this remote came with. And of course, as Murphy's Law dictates, the second you get the remote shipped to you, you will find it within the sofa cushions.