Wednesday, February 24, 2010


You can definitely find it all on eBay, even if it has zero value to the average individual. Like this item in's a fully paid up life insurance policy. Sounds like a good deal, right? That is, until you realize it's from 1962.

I'm really racking my brain as to the possible applications in which an item like this would be useful to the average individual. Maybe if the person actually works in an insurance office or even for the actual Prudential Financial institution...but then, if a person actually worked for Prudential, wouldn't they have this old stuff kicking around somewhere, and not actually have to buy it off of eBay?

Trash, meet treasure.

Kafka Cheap Insurance Paint Filter CIW

I have no idea what cheap insurance has to do with this product, and if I knew a little more about the industry, I could probably figure it out.

This is a paint filter by a company named "Kafka", which I tend to associate with cockroaches and surrealism (ie: Kafka's Metamorphosis), so a brand name like that would probably be more associated with pest removal or something like that. Given the expense of car restoration, I guess "cheap insurance" is an appropriate name, but it's a severe stretch.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Service Of Security And Information,1896,Cpt Wagner

I don't know if this will be required reading if one is pursuing an MS in information security, especially since "Security and Information" took on different meaning back then.

In this day and age, with everything converted to digital formats, this only makes sense. This is a day and age where your personal information is given up constantly and passwords are vulnerable, the demand for this type of work and education will be on the up-and-up.

Some of it, I'm a little weary of, however...governments and lobby groups are actively trying to restrict freedoms, especially with DRM and the DMCA. A balance must be struck at some point, and we don't seem to be quite there yet.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

encore Plus 2 Natural Male Enhancement Capsules 10ct

You've likely seen your inbox flooded with junkmail for "male enhancement" products, which is why spam filters are programmed to block out specific key words ("male enhancement" being a couple), and surely enough, eBay is a good chock of items such as zencore.

There isn't much available on eBay for this particular item, but they're there...all from the same seller. The name "zencore" doesn't really give much indicator of what the product is capable of doing, unlike some of the other natural health supplements I've seen, such as "Erexium" or "Testoboost."

(ONLY) TRUE Skin BLEACHING Bleach Lightening Age Spots

Good lord. Could they have used a less appropriate celebrity to push their products?

This eBay seller is moving a skin bleaching product, which is purported to help with age spots removal, birth marks, scars, and the like (surprisingly, not vitiligo, which Michael Jackson allegedly had, which the skin treatments were intended to fix). Personally, I choose not to mess around when it comes to stuff like this as skin treatments are best left to the professionals.

Given the nature of these chemicals, it's really easy to botch the job if you do it yourself and it's probably not the best idea to get it from eBay of all places.


Alongside the endless ads for teeth whitening, you will have seen the endless web ads stating "get rid of belly fat," or "lose belly fat" or any variation. The ads themselves have been pretty notorious just because of pure penetration, some of them because they are scams. And then there's this one.

This is an eBay store that "sells" magic spells, that will supposedly help you lose weight. For those that believe in this stuff, more power to you. Personally, I believe in the power of hard work, smart planning, and realistic expectations. Why is it that eBay allows this type of selling? And how is it that the seller has managed to get a high feedback rating?