Thursday, January 21, 2010


This might be essential reading for an Oklahoma City attorney looking to represent victims of the Oklahoma City bombing back in 1995.

This isn't really fresh in our memories anymore as it's been supplanted by bigger and worse disasters on US soil. While it generated its fair share of controversy in its day, the conspiracies are nowhere near the scope of 9/11. But, on the other hand, Oklahoma didn't have nearly the same effect on society in general.

Had it happened more recently, it might...with a world still numb from 9/11, incidents such as the DC shootings, various school shootings, and the like actually affect us more now.

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal~Support for 2

Working for the company that I do, I am a believer in healthy living and eating. Occasionally, I see auctions on eBay that aren't necessarily amusing. Like this one for prenatal vitamins. Although I think it's a bigger issue for developing nations (hence, the existence of organizations such as Vitamin Angels), but for us, it's still important.

Things like folic acid are great for preventing neural tube defects, iron supplements will prevent deficiencies, and the like. But why is this under "Home and Garden"? I just wish eBay would get on this...Craigslist has.

Giant Microbes - ACNE, PIMPLE- New Plush - Low Shipping

Not quite as cruel as giving a year supply of Clearasil to a sufferer of adult acne, this is a plush Giant Microbe that is intended to represent a pimple.

The girlfriend collects these and they're everywhere. These are also ideal for the science geek as they are available in a number of strains and yeast, mad cow disease, chicken pox, cold virus, and necrotizing fascitis ("flesh eating disease"). Not exactly the cutest subject matter, but they find a way to make science and learning fun.

Quick Trim Burn and Cleanse 14 Day Diet System

Big celebrity names are major selling points for weight loss products, and now pseudo-celebrities the Kardashians have their own product, the Quick Trim Burn and Cleanse. Mind you, the Kardashians have a rare look all of their own, which would probably be why women want to look like them.

Mind you, I am slightly curious as to why this particular seller is selling a partly consumed box. This was a 14 day program, but with the first two pills taken, it's now a 12 day, 14 night program. My suspicion? The seller didn't look like Kim Kardashian after two days, so she gave up on the program.

Haunted Crescent Moon Blue Necklace Weight Loss Spell

With New Year's resolutions fading fast, people just want to know how to lose weight fast, rather than how to keep it off or adopt healthy lifestyle choices. Of course, not everybody gets to look like a cover model or a bodybuilder, and with about 99% certainty, regardless of your best efforts you won't. But, you can look better.

Although this isn't exactly what I had in mind, when looking for effective weight loss products and I find this. On one level, it might be an attractive and inexpensive piece of hand-crafted jewelry, and if you believe in that stuff, more power to you. If it inspires you to take better care of yourself, great. If you just buy it and continue your horrible lifestyle...

Going Out of Business: Lot of 100 COLON CLEANSE bottles

I'm not sure what one could do with 100 individual bottles of colon cleansing pills. But, if you just happen to have $750 lying around, you can probably find out.

For the "Hollywood Miracle Colon Cleanse", $7.50 vs. the $49.99 sounds pretty good (at least as far as the seller is concerned), although it does seem a little overpriced compared to the other auctions that actually charge about $7.50 a bottle or less.

Really, if you're doing something like this, get the advice of a doctor or nutritionist first. If you eat properly, there is no need for that.


On this blog, I review a really large range of eBay auctions, many of which are talking about the many benefits of colon cleansing. Given the fact that the colon is largely self-cleaning with a proper diet, I don't really need them myself. But, that doesn't mean that I don't find amusement in some of the weirdly named products, like "Colonblow" and "Bowel Buddy."

The pickings are a little slim lately, though...the best I could find is "Bowtrol".

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1979 Halekulani Hotel Hawaii brochure & Price list

This is my regularly scheduled rant about items shoveled onto eBay which makes it harder to find anything legitimately useful, but with a slight twist...this particular item actually has a bid on it.

If you're looking for old souvenirs from Hawaii hotels to replace the original mementos of your last vacation, you might actually find it on eBay, as this seller is moving an old hotel brochure from 1979. As Hawaii is one of the better known vacation destinations, these things are not likely in short supply, and it's quite possible that there would be the odd person who would actually want such a disposable item.

Trash, treasure, y'know.

Classic Life Insurance Sales & Careers Films DVD

For those in the industry, a life insurance lead can be useful for generating sales if you depend on commission. Looking on eBay MAY get you something useful...or you could find something like this.

This seller is moving a DVD set that features old corporate videos from the 1940s. The first was produced by Metropolitan Life (MetLife) and the other is a vocational film.

It's highly likely that the seller is generating the DVDs himself or at least has them made to order, given that his licensing fees are probably negligible as well. At $12.99, he's making a profit if he only sells one.

Good news everybody!

According to a green study undertaken by Carnegie Mellon, shopping online is actually better for the environment than driving to the local retailer and back to your place of residence.

This makes a lot of sense in a few respects...individual automobile use is horrible for the environment, as most drivers are making the least efficient use of a vehicle (driving for the sole purpose of picking up your stuff, usually alone, usually taking the least efficient route).

Mind you, with the mentality towards environmentalism, I'm not sure how much good this will be doing in the long term, as people tend to use environmentalism to offset their guilt. As in, because they donated money to the World Wildlife Fund and recycled their newspaper, they're completely justified in living in their house in the suburbs, complete with an hour-long commute to work.

Sticker for Home Security Camera Alarm System NEW!

As we all know, when the economy goes down, property crime generally tends to go up. So, the smartest investment one can make (provided that one actually has a home to defend!) is in home security systems.

But for those that don't quite have the budget, they always have the option of putting up a realistic sticker in the hopes that the potential thief/burglar won't take the risk of a B&E. But, given that all the potential thief would otherwise calmly leave if the alarm is tripped, if it turns out that the sticker is just a visual deterrent, it won't do much.

This seller for this auction is probably aware of the limitation of his security stickers, but probably doesn't care. Doesn't make it any less amusing...or ineffective for that matter. But hey, it's $2.