Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sticker for Home Security Camera Alarm System NEW!

As we all know, when the economy goes down, property crime generally tends to go up. So, the smartest investment one can make (provided that one actually has a home to defend!) is in home security systems.

But for those that don't quite have the budget, they always have the option of putting up a realistic sticker in the hopes that the potential thief/burglar won't take the risk of a B&E. But, given that all the potential thief would otherwise calmly leave if the alarm is tripped, if it turns out that the sticker is just a visual deterrent, it won't do much.

This seller for this auction is probably aware of the limitation of his security stickers, but probably doesn't care. Doesn't make it any less amusing...or ineffective for that matter. But hey, it's $2.

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