Saturday, October 30, 2010

2 Night Branson, MO Vacation Package+ 2 Dixie Stampede!

It's another one.  This time promoting a Branson vacation package for $59, it seems to be pretty good, giving you a hotel stay and a chance to see a Dixie Stampede show.  Of course, not just anybody can qualify for this, as you're required to attend another timeshare presentation.

These tend to be very high-pressure sales tactics, although if you keep your wits about you, you might be able to avoid getting taken in, although if they are only selling this for $59, they are likely making huge profits from their timeshares.

Family Orlando Vacation package + FREE Disney Tickets

File under caveat emptor.  Always look beyond the price when considering how you're going to spend your holiday, such as when looking for Disney vacation packages on eBay. At $329 (no taxes), you get a hotel stay for 4 people and 2 adult tickets to Disneyland.  (Homer Simpson: "But there are 5 of us." Itchy and Scratchy representative: "I said I have THREE tickets.")

Read beyond what you get, and you get the actual cost.  Most annoying is the fact that the word "timeshare" pops up in the eBay auction, which is enough for me to want to ignore this altogether.  Yes, you have to attend a timeshare presentation.