Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal 90 v.caps

Now for a product that I have a little more faith in, specifically, prenatal vitamins. Partly because my current employer is largely funded by these types of companies, I'm going to promote these a little more.

This eBay auction in particular is for Garden of Life's Vitamin Code vitamins. These are particularly important, especially since those 9 months dictate how much of a chance the youngin is going to have through their entire life.  I do think it's interesting that a supplement company will attempt to capitalize on the popularity of a book and film series (The Da Vinci Code) to sell their product.  I don't know if it helps them out sell their products.


Lipofuzeis a new diet supplement that has shown up lately and is so new that there isn't any solid information available on Wikipedia yet.  I can't really say anything good or bad about it, with the lack of information that is available, save for a lot of advertising hype that is up to the consumer to decide if it is worthwhile or not.

With sufficient research, the customer can see past the hype and make an informed decision.  Make sure you do the same.


I've been seeing a lot more of these as time goes on...while I'm not about to discriminate based on one's belief, I'm surprised that people actually still go for this stuff.

In this case, there is someone who's selling non-pharmaceutical depression treatments. More specifically, for $9.85, you can have a real certified witch cast a spell and cure you of your depression.

I do feel that depression is a valid condition which affects a lot of people directly and indirectly, which makes this seem like they're trivializing clinical depression.

1972 Continental Insurance ad Superman, more superheros

Insurance advertising shows up a lot on eBay, which is a nice thing to have if you're looking for term insurance rates.  This one in particular depicts superheroes from mixed properties, namely The Lone Ranger, Captain America, Superman, Dick Tracy, and what could be Tarzan (or Joe Kubert's Tor, it's kinda hard to tell).

This is a bit of a limited-use item for most normal folks unless they happen to be an insurance sales agent, but this is kinda cool if you're a comic book guy.

I don't think he had any takers and I don't know where the source for this image is..

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Original Natural Weight loss Product NUEZ DE LA INDIA

In terms of the top weight loss products available on eBay, there are many to choose from, although this one in particular seems to show up the most.  This is called "Nuez de la India," but it's difficult to find anything about it, at least as far as being a diet supplement.

The Nuez de la India is known by other names, such as candlenut, due to the oils that the seeds produce, which can be used in candles, although the oil has medicinal properties in traditional folk medicine. The wikipedia entry doesn't indicate weight loss properties, although they do indicate that the seeds are toxic if eaten raw.

Caveat emptor, people.

ALLI Weight Loss Aid Refill 60mg Sealed 90 Caplets 2012

You may not necessarily find alli reviews on eBay, but you will find plenty of alli. Like many of the eBay auctions I review here, this is a weight loss supplement. As I'm not a regular consumer of the products, I can't really say anything about their efficacy, save for what I've read on Wikipedia.  It works by blocking absorption of fats into your system. While great in theory, the fact that there's dietary fats in just about everything, it's gotta go somewhere.

Am I the only one that finds it amusing that the seller's name starts the letters "BM"?

Monday, May 03, 2010

NEW- 1993 Country Comfort 36' 2 Slide Outs - Never Used

eBay has many used RVs for sale, some of which have interesting stories and histories behind them, like this one.

While it technically has never been used, according to the auction it is about 17 years old and has been sitting on the lot for the entire time as the manufacturer went out of business, and presumably, that's why they still have to label it as used in the item description, but for the potential bidders, it's a steal at its current price of $6100 and 16 bids (with 5 days remaining).

This is a towable unit, but has all the stuff you would need in it.  

Villium 10mg Sleeping Pill Pills 50 pcs

This auction is a reminder of why it's important to pay extra-close attention to the auction when you bid. This is for a pack of Villium sleeping pills, which doesn't seem to have a lot of information available, as running a google search will ask if I meant to say "valium."  The product shot included only adds to the confusion, as it has a photo of a prescription drug, Valium Diazepam. 

While diazepam is used as a short-term treatment for insomnia, this is clearly misleading.  But, at least seller assumes responsibility for this auction.  We hope!


This may be an indicator of where modern medicine chooses to divert their resources, as when looking for migraine treatment on eBay, the most prominently featured item up for bid is a subliminal message CD.  Having been in a relationship with someone who had chronic migraines and took a lot of medication for it, this isn't particularly promising, as all it seems to mean is that the only solution is to take more and more medication which can induce addiction or cause tolerance.

Hair Loss Spell Grow Back Thick Wavy Hair Men Or Women

Hair loss treatment for women is fairly big business on eBay, with a large mix of products ranging from topical treatments, products designed to preserve one's self-esteem while undergoing cancer treatment, to...this.

For whatever reasons, there is a large incentive to separate the fool and his/her money through any means possible, although stuff like this is surprisingly still allowed on eBay.  This is not a product or service that has any sort of scientific evidence or actual study to support apart from anecdotes and they can't give any actual guarantees as to the efficacy of the service either.


After reviewing eBay auctions for several years, they all start looking the same after a while. This is one for getting rid of dark under eye circles, although this is for a non-conventional method that you won't find at the local Mary Kay or cosmetics counter, as the seller is just selling the recipe for a traditional recipe.

While this could be for a virtual product (ie: the information could be sent via e-mail), the seller still insists on sending out traditional mail via US Postal Service Priority Mail.  Of course, it's not my place to judge, but when the seller makes an emotional plea by telling the readers about her husband's health issues, it might not be a bad idea to consider a digital format where you don't have to leave the home?

Palmer's Skin Success Acne Medicated Cleanser 8oz

I really think that someone in eBay's moderator department has been sleeping on the job as there have been a lot of slip-ups in terms of quality control and auction management.  This auction is for anyone looking for the best acne cleanser. But for whatever reason, it's showing up in the Women's Clothing section

I tend to liken online service like eBay to message boards and forums, but I'm guessing that with the millions upon millions of items that are flowing in and out of eBay on a daily basis, it must get quite difficult to manage.  Maybe it's unintentional, but considering the crossover between the women's beauty industry and the fashion indsutry, somehow I don't think so.

2 No Fat Chick Warning Decal Sticker ATV 4 Wheeler O

Those with an interest in ATV riding may or may not appreciate this item.  Given the number of eBay auctions I've written for weight loss supplements, I do think it's somewhat inappropriate and tasteless, but for a mere $4.99 USD, you can have two.

This is intended as a sticker for your visor (which you typically won't find on an ATV, despite the fact that ATV is one of the search keywords for this auction), and I can picture many scenarios when a male driver is picking up a woman for a first date, and she lowers the visor to check the vanity mirror to adjust her makeup.  Buy this if you want to become single, boys.


File this auction under MIS-filed.  This should be catagorized under outdoor d├ęcor, but for whatever reasons, is categorized under Everything Else/ Metaphysical/Wicca /Other.  This item is just a simple hanging wind charm that you see under the door ways of many suburban homes, and the package doesn't even purport it to be anything that can ward off evil spirits.  It's not even a dream catcher.

BEST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS w/ 3pk Acai Diet Supplement Pill

Searching for the best weight loss supplements on eBay will yield tons and tons of results, the most recent being yet another acai berry supplement.  This has become a little bit too popular on the internet, and the fact that a person has been able to fill an entire page with this stuff (about 37 items, all identical), makes me wonder about this.

With our nation's obesity rates at an all time high, I think we should be focusing on the tried and trues...