Saturday, May 08, 2010

Original Natural Weight loss Product NUEZ DE LA INDIA

In terms of the top weight loss products available on eBay, there are many to choose from, although this one in particular seems to show up the most.  This is called "Nuez de la India," but it's difficult to find anything about it, at least as far as being a diet supplement.

The Nuez de la India is known by other names, such as candlenut, due to the oils that the seeds produce, which can be used in candles, although the oil has medicinal properties in traditional folk medicine. The wikipedia entry doesn't indicate weight loss properties, although they do indicate that the seeds are toxic if eaten raw.

Caveat emptor, people.

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Dr Eric Berg said...

Thank you for sharing this information. I would also want to add something that One of the reasons why people are not able to lose weight is because they they are doing the wrong plan for their body type - the adrenal type for example is so stressed, that cutting calories and exercise creates too much stress for an already over-stressed body.