Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 PORT USB PS/2 KVM Switch + 2 Cable 4 mouse KB Monitor

If you want to make your eBay auction look professional, you may wish to use slightly more sophisticated tools than Microsoft Paint.  Otherwise, I don't want to rag too much on these guys (given that they're from my hometown and all), because a KVM switch (keyboard, video, mouse) can save you a lot of desk space if you have to switch a lot between systems.  At work, I actually have to run to multiple systems, which I've actually learned to adapt to (my desk has both a PC and a Mac, and three monitors on it).

However, I'm thinking that I could use the opposite of that, connecting one PC to two monitors, keyboards, and monitors for a home theater type system.  Just have to dig into the old sofa cushions for that.

Acai Berry TRIM QUICK Weight Loss DiET PiLL COMBO~SLiM

Recently, açai berries have been touted as one of the keys to quick weight loss, and as one of those people that are not supposed to complain about weight, given my inability to relate to the subject, I really shouldn't talk about this much.

I've eaten açai berry bowls during my time in Brazil, and they were delicious (probably made more so by the fact that you can't get it here).  I can't say if it necessarily made me lose weight, although there is a lot of controversy as to the efficacy of açai berry extract.  There has yet to be any scientific evidence of weight loss benefits, and yet it is highly touted for that.  Caveat emptor, folks.

SKIN FOOD Black Raspberry Eye Cream (Wrinkle Care)

Maybe it's not the best eye cream for wrinkles, but then with hundreds of other products vying for that title, it's going to be difficult to choose.  But otherwise, something about this auction comes across as a little intimidating. Relatively low feedback rating (5), product that looks like it was wrapped by hand.  Black raspberries certainly do have health benefits when eaten (vitamins, antioxidants), but not really as topical beauty aids.  Proceed with caution, folks.

Joe's Jeans Cigarette In Tessa size (30) BNWT

Okay, I can't say anything really funny about this auction for Joe's Jeans, but it does give me an opportunity to make a comment about buying clothing on eBay.  Unless you are very, VERY certain about what size you take and how a specific article of clothing will fit on you, it may be best to make your purchase at a traditional brick & mortar outlet.

If you're looking for a better deal on clothing, there is always the option of finding the exact item you want in a store, trying it on, writing down the information (size, etc.), then looking for what you want online.  I'll leave the comments about the fashion industry and the unrealistic expectations they put on women's self-perceptions to the experts.