Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 PORT USB PS/2 KVM Switch + 2 Cable 4 mouse KB Monitor

If you want to make your eBay auction look professional, you may wish to use slightly more sophisticated tools than Microsoft Paint.  Otherwise, I don't want to rag too much on these guys (given that they're from my hometown and all), because a KVM switch (keyboard, video, mouse) can save you a lot of desk space if you have to switch a lot between systems.  At work, I actually have to run to multiple systems, which I've actually learned to adapt to (my desk has both a PC and a Mac, and three monitors on it).

However, I'm thinking that I could use the opposite of that, connecting one PC to two monitors, keyboards, and monitors for a home theater type system.  Just have to dig into the old sofa cushions for that.

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