Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beating Up On Debt Collectors By Richard Cornforth 4.0

Although one could easily avoid the wrath of debt collection agencies if they just PAID THEIR FRICKIN' BILLS ON TIME, in this day and age, facing them is an unfortunate reality for some people. While they are often viewed as predatory, when a company's bottom line is dependent on whether or not they are actually PAID, from their perspective, it's kind of important.

But, someone wrote a book called Beating up on Debt Collectors, one Richard Luke Comforth. Perhaps this might help in today's economy?

Then I took a look on Amazon to see if the book is available. Surely it is, but it's not written with a cheesy 3D font on a spiral bound notebook. Is this guy breaking the law by selling copyrighted material on eBay?

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