Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Selling Used Books Online complete guide to bookselling

Who would've thought, that they would actually have a textbook that would tell you how to sell your used textbooks online? I'm just wondering if this is the seller of this item is finally done with this item and now needs to sell it to someone else.

Purchasing your school materials online has become a great alternate method to the university bookstore, especially when they are known to gouge students for whatever they can get. Book buy back at the end of the semester is the biggest heartbreak, especially when they decide to change editions (even though the content differences are only superficial) and hence your $200+ textbook is only worth $20. Biggest rip off I ever encountered was when the teacher had us purchase extra course materials that weren't even used in class. Insult came when the teacher condescendingly suggested that it would be our summer reading. Jerk.

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