Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bulletproof backpack

Maybe this is something that a bag manufacturer like Ogio can get behind, but pretty cool nonetheless. Or pretty scary. You know that something is really messed up in our society when there exists a market for an item like this.

It's a backpack with a built-in ballistics panel, so it's designed to protect the user, although the seller admits that it might not be the best form of protection for school/random violence.

Considering that kids carry huge books in their backpacks, there's a good chance that a few textbooks will be sufficient to stop a bullet, so it's a bit of a redundant feature. The seller goes onto describe the way it could be used, although the target product user will not necessarily be thinking of this if a classmate decides that he/she can't take it anymore.

Nice idea, but are we trying to protect our kids or just make them paranoid?

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Anonymous said...

With the recent school shootings (2 seperate schools in the last week) I think those guys at MJ SafetySolutions are on the right track with the My Child's Pack bulletproof backpack. I didn't realy think about it too much, but now I am changing my thinking. I hate to think about my kids having to have a bullet resistant shield, but it in this world, I think giving them some piece of mind, might be worth it.