Sunday, November 18, 2007


Whether you're looking for a Bluetooth headset or any other type of accessory for your cell phone, PDA, or Blackberry, you can easily find it on eBay. And if you're looking for wholesale lists which have artificially high monetary values, you can also find them on eBay.

This particularly enterprising eBayer is selling wholesaler lists of mobile communications accessories (PDA, Bluetooth, cellphones, etc.). Directly quoted from the auction:

"This information is not missing leading and is worth every penny. I have bought a wholesale list before on eBay and learned the hard way. They just fill it with basic garbage with links to thousands and thousands sites with non-wholesale prices and run with your money. Basically its delete and so is the user by eBay. Anyways, this information is so nice that I even use the sources from all my equipment!!"

Most will want to steer clear of these, even more so when you check the guy's artificially high feedback rating. Every single one of his positive feedbacks are for "private auctions," which is a bright red flag. That, and this guy's grammar frickin' sucks.

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