Saturday, November 10, 2007

Piece of my brain! Plus 2CT Diamond Wedding Ring! MORE!

Probably one of the more entertaining entries for diamond rings that you'll see on eBay, this seller's story seems somewhat familiar for those who track weird auctions like this.

This person is claiming to be selling a piece of their brain. Obviously, according to eBay's terms and conditions, this can't be allowed, so the automated software (or not, I don't know how smart this stuff is when it comes to categorizing auctions) shut it down previously. Of course, the seller is actually attempting to sell all the related memories of a bitter divorce, which includes the engagement ring. This does appear to be legit, though, as there is documentation from an jewelry appraisal, and has thus already garnered 40 bids. Although this may be more due to the notoriety that the auction has gained, as it has already been featured on several other sites that track odd eBay auctions.

It appears to be a reverse of another infamous auction from way back, in which an embittered man was selling his ex-wife's wedding dress, which also got him a fair amount of attention (as well as a few wedding proposals).

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