Thursday, March 25, 2010

16psNew BODY PIERCING Starter Kit,Hemostat SPONGE CLAMP

I always get a little bothered by stuff like this, especially when it pertains to human health and the like.  This particular item is a body piercing equipment package, including things like clamps, forceps, and scissors.  The idea of body piercing doesn't bother me as much (I've chosen not to undergo the process), but it's the fact that it's something that involves exposure to bodily fluids and requires a lot of understanding and knowledge to do the job properly.  To sell something like this on eBay really trivializes the amount of knowledge that is required for the job.

If I were to suddenly develop an interest in body piercing, I'd be weary of being on the receiving end of a piercing tool starter set, unless the practitioner had the experience.

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