Sunday, March 28, 2010

14pc TUXEDO LOT-3 Coats, 3 Pants, 2 Vest, 2 CB, 4 Ties

This item is for 14 pieces of wedding attire, including various jackets, tuxedo vest or two, pants, etc.  The seller is moving items that were originally available for rent, which is a lot more benign than some of the other reasons people are selling wedding stuff on eBay, such as if the marriage ended in divorce.

Stories like this are really sad and always reinforce how really tough it is for couples to make it, period.  People sell their wedding dresses to rid themselves of the painful memories, usually at a fraction of a fraction of what they originally paid, all of which underscores how ridiculously expensive weddings are for everything - hall rental, jewelry, gifts, feeding of guests...and when you spend thousands of dollars on a wedding, the divorce that can follow is even more expensive.

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