Monday, February 09, 2009

Sponsored post/website review - Kenmar Watches

Not sure how my sponsors are going to react to this, but they DID ask for a review, but I have to keep it on topic with my blog too. So here goes.

Those who are going to the Kenmwar Watches website ( for Festina Watches will be greeted by a stock photo image representing a customer service representative that will be able to help them out with their purchase. While there is the option of clicking the "no thanks" part, it'll pop up with every single page you visit.

Compared to other sites, the selection is absolutely astounding, although overwhelming would be a more appropriate adjective. There are hundreds of watches to choose from, which makes finding the one you want a little intimidating.

Prices...let's just say I'm confused by the whole thing about a watch being listed as "$X-amount or less", and when you click on the item, it shows the exact amount, no less, no "or" either. And, I did find one particular product that was about $20 cheaper on eBay, even when you factor in free shipping. However, to be fair, they do offer price matching, and as well, they guarantee authenticity, which you can't guarantee on eBay.

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