Monday, October 08, 2007

Short Bed Roll-Top Toneau Top + System One Ladder Rack

Anybody else thinks that this guy got greedy?

I understand the psychology behind having reserves on items, reserves being the minimum dollar amount that the seller will be willing to move the item for. If the person simply just sets the starting bid at the reserve price, then there will be less incentive on the part of the prospective buyer to bid on the item.

But, when the guy puts the "buy it now" price at $1550 (almost 3x the starting bid), it gets a little bit suspect.

This guy is selling a used ladder rack for a 2003 Dodge Dakota, which he claims was "purchased new," although that doesn't really make a lick of difference if was purchased new back then, because the prospective buyer will be purchasing it used right now. Good luck, buddy.

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