Monday, October 08, 2007

Super Bowl 9 PSA TICKET Steelers Vikings Superbowl IX

Slightly more believable in the trash-and-treasure file, we have stubs for Superbowl tickets, slightly more believable, considering that professional sporting events generally have a lot more relevance to a lot more people than, oh, say, furniture ads from 40-year-old magazines.

Some of these are very serious collectors items for sports fans. I remember collecting hockey cards when I was younger, and how certain cards such as rookie cards for important players would fetch more significant funds. But, another factor was the card's condition. And, considering the time in which I was regularly buying hockey cards, some of these cards were produced in such large quantities, that any sort of damage or wear and tear was unacceptable, considering how easy it was to obtain a new one.

The damage on this piece of merchandise is quite obvious, even through the photo, but given the rarity of this item (number produced vs. number in circulation), would probably make the price tag somewhat justifiable. But only if you're a football fan.

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