Monday, October 08, 2007

1919 Antique Real Estate ad Miami Fl Clearwater Dora Lk

Latest in the line of the trash and treasure series, someone is selling an ad clipping promoting a Miami real estate company from 1919.

This company has probably long-since passed to the annals of business statistics (and if I had the spare time to go out and do the research, I would find that out for sure). I'm really curious as to how this publication has managed to survive for so long in someone's basement, although it may indicate that it belonged to a person who really had a hard time letting go of stuff, which is why we tend to see so many of these types of things going on eBay. With zero bids and only a buy-it-now price, items like these are commonly tossed onto eBay without much care and attention, using more of a shotgun approach to sell.

However, if you are looking for actual real estate, eBay may not be the best place to look, considering the level of customer service you may or (probably) not receive.

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