Monday, October 08, 2007

The 100 Best Treatment Centers for Alcoholism and Drug

eBay can also be a good source for hard-to-find and out of print books from a variety of topics ranging from literature to things on finding drug treatment centers. I wasn't even sure of this myself until I looked it up and, surely enough, there's an actual book entitled The 100 Best Treatment Centers for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. The seller is offering it for a whopping $99.99, which is about 5 cents more expensive than what one seller is offering on

Dropping around $100 for a book is always tough, unless it happens to be a nice hardbound edition or a college level textbook (which will become outdated in under a year), but considering that this book is almost 20 years old (the book was printed in 1988), I really can't see the value, considering that businesses are known to change everything from contact information to location. Sure, drug treatment and rehabilitation can be the best step one can take to getting their life back on track, and is definitely worth the time and travel for a good facility. But, wouldn't something a little more recent be in order?

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