Monday, October 08, 2007

Denver Park Lane Motel and Hotel Ad Brochure Now Condos

Unfortunately, it's the cheapest item that is available when you type in "Condo Hotels." And, it very much looks like something that a person managed to dig up when they were cleaning up their apartment and tried to make some quick cash off of it. Yes, they're selling a pamphlet, with artwork on the front that looks like it was done by an elementary school student.

This makes up a very large percentage of the auctions you see on eBay, where something that otherwise holds no value for most normal people, but someone is just putting the feelers out there to see if there'll be anyone who sees value in it.

Given the use of the old-style font and the actual type-written text on the inside, this is definitely an authentic relic from the times. But, is it worth anything? For whoever would want an item of such for framing purposes, it's absolutely priceless. Plus $2.50 s/h.

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