Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Weren't subliminal messages questioned for their efficacy a few years back, well after the PMRC rose a huge stink about backwards masking, and how listening to music would make you go out and worship Satan? (yenom erom ecniV evig)

This one guy is selling subliminal MP3s that are designed to help you sell real estate. Digital download, so it literally costs the guy nothing to make. Regardless of the fact that subliminal messaging is not as effective as they make it out to be, I'm still thinking this guy is a bit sketchy. I mean, does this sound right to you when he says...

"If you do want feedback, just leave me a positive and my service will automatically mirror your feedback ( positive for positive, neutral for neutral, negative for negative)."

So, if you feel that you've been ripped off by this guy and leave appropriate feedback, he'll leave you negative feedback just out of spite, even when you paid in full? Nice way to protect your feedback rating, jerk.

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