Sunday, August 23, 2009


In my latest review of eBay auctions, I bring you one for heart pendant jewelry. This is when I stress that when one is looking at an auction for something that "regularly retails for $349" (according to the auction) but is selling for a fraction of that (as in, $49.99 buy it now price), that's when I say read the thing carefully.

Of course, there's no way anything with mined diamonds could ever retail for less than $49.99, but it pretty much says it all when the seller says it is "almost impossible for the untrained eye to tell the difference." As to whether or not it's a reasonable price for costume jewelry is not for me to decide. But the seller doesn't even go onto say whether they're lab-grown diamonds (I'm assuming they're not) or even cubing zirconium for that matter. I'm going to assume it's the latter.

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