Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cheap Car Insurance Info Brokers Dont Want You To No

If you're looking to get cheap insurance, I think it goes without saying that you really shouldn't go with what this guy has to say.

This must be one of the most poorly written eBay auctions in recent memory, and I've done a lot of reviews of eBay auctions. I THINK what he's giving tips and tricks for getting significant discounts on car insurance that presumably goes beyond the standard factors like driving habits, frequency of accidents, driving experience, age, and the like.

Unfortunately, the guy's writing is an absolute headache to read. Here's an excerpt of his item description:

ever looked on internet for quote for cheap car insurance,and been told there quote is the best and wont be beaten,well believe me it can be beaten i have the details for you that was given to me by broker this is info insurance companies dont want you to have like how to get your insurance lowered just by your job title etc,from builder to brick layer,these little tricks can actually save you from £60-£120 and more also i have list of job titles that i will give to you and also the other info that can save you lots one buyer said he saved £420 right away with being new driver so dont knock it till you tried it i am the only seller of this item and once you have bought this i will send you all the info you need to get saving right away each year so save it so you can keep going back to it for the price of £3.99 what have you got to loose????

With spelling and grammatical skills like this, I wouldn't trust this guy for directions to the nearest bathroom. And how is knowing that one's job title can affect one's insurance rate going to be practical, exactly? What are you going to do when you're filling out your insurance forms, LIE? Do that, and one audit will get you in a mess of trouble.

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