Friday, May 29, 2009

Apple 512MB (2X256) DDR ram memory G4 Powermac eMac MAC

One of the hazards of purchasing computer components such as Mac memory through an eBay retailer is that it can be more of a hassle to rectify if things go wrong, as opposed to dealing with an actual online business. One retailer I'm looking at is selling 256 mb DDR ram for under $10, which I guess is fairly reasonable, until the seller tosses in this little disclaimer...

"The picture is an example of what you will receive, actual brand may vary."

For performance enthusiasts (not so much for Mac, but more for PC, especially gaming), this is not something that's necessarily welcome, but for a $10 component, you might not care. But considering that the stereotypical snobbery of owning a Mac is at times on par with that of a hard-core PC gamer, it's something to consider.

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