Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reliable Salicylic Acid Box Full 1 oz. Md. 1933

Even if you don't have a chemistry background, you'll know that salicylic acid has many uses in today's households, whether it be for cosmetic use as an exfoliating product (showing up in dandruff shampoos and acne medication) or as the active ingredient in Aspirin. And what do you, know, they actually used to sell it by the box.

For the starting bid of $4.99, you can be the proud owner of a box of "Reliable Salicylic Acid", from circa 1933. Being that it's the better part of 80 years old, it stands to reason that it probably won't be active anymore, but that's not stopping the person from selling it (and indeed, they qualify it is for collector's value only). However, it can only be sold to the "right" type of buyer. Maybe that person is you? Hey, it's only $4.99.

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