Saturday, September 26, 2009

1938 Chevy ORIG stainless steel car grille L@@@@@@@@@@K

While I may be slightly annoyed at the seller's method of attracting interest in the item, the item appears to be selling itself anyway.

Given the interest in old car restoration and the difficulty in finding parts such as car grilles, punching that item into eBay will list a part for every modern vehicle ever made, and since most of them are "buy it now" type auctions, there won't be any bids on any of them.

But for a rare piece like this (reserve still not met), there are several. This is for a 1933 Chevy, which was newly polished and restored. It's so old, in fact, that it doesn't actually have a specific part number or interchange number. It's interesting that they still call it "new", however.

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