Friday, February 16, 2007

VOODOO Doll JINX-REMOVER Removes Negative Energy SPELL

If you're looking for a dietary supplement to give you an energy boost, eBay has listings up the ying-yang. But, all of these are of dubious quality, especially with the unfounded research claims on products such as hoodia gordonii.

And if you're looking to get your energy lowered, incidentally, eBay has the same thing.

I got a really good feeling about this one, folks (item #320077657513) . At least, I'd probably better, unless I want to have really, really crappy luck for the rest of my life.

While I have appreciation for metaphysical concepts and the unexplained, something about this kinda...seems off.

Voodoo, in its actual authentic form, is quite unlike what we've been exposed to through popular culture and the like. Through movies, people feel instant pain when a doll in the victim's likeness is stabbed with a pin. I vaguely recall one particular film in the Child's Play series, in which Chucky finds a voodoo doll and starts dismembering it, which has a highly damaging effect on its owner, who happens to be Haitian.

But, from the actual auction...

I could tell you anything you wanted to hear but will spare you ! I have 31,000+ positive feedback across 6-major sites including Featured Seller of the Month TWICE on (not allowed to mention actual site name), e-Bay POWERSELLER for a DECADE , 20+ YEARS OF SALES EXPERIANCE and only 34-total negatives from 16-18 different people in that time frame, mostly because I leave negative feedback for ALL NON-PAYING BIDDERS and often they return them out of anger !

I dunno, for a person who intends to spare the details, that's a fair amount of detail. I wonder if he tried to put a curse on those bad sellers, in addition to leaving negative feedback.

While actual Haitian voodoo practices do involve the use of dolls, it is more as a ritual for the dead, as they are nailed nearby trees in cemeteries to act as messengers for the deceased. Probably not for the use as depicted here, as this is just what popular culture has dictated voodoo to be.

I think I'm safe for now.

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